Brain Dump

Brain (Brian) Dump 

Currently listening to Justin Beiber (mute your dissent) and this verse goes so hard.

♫ Focus ain't the same if the picture ain't got you in it. In every line my emotions ain't the same if it ain't about you, I don't get it. Ever since the beginning now, you had that effect on me. All I wanna do is you, oh. I mean that so literally. Don't nobody go harder than you. All of the angels must be lonely now, without you.

Lens and aperture, early eras to ever afters.

I’ve been taking a lot of pictures, more than normal for me I suppose, something about it is freeing. I should invest in a new camera; my Lumix was bought second hand. Also, wouldn’t mind a few lessons on a few technical aspects … ‘cause I see what I see, Eye TramueL.

Life lessons in less than the space of a single page.

There are many graduations this weekend. I’ll witness family and great friends walk across the stage, then we will sit down to break bread. I remember my HS graduation; and I remember (parts) of our valedictorian’s speech. Words carefully thought out, written down and recited. Words man, word.

Shelter in place when your church falls down.

Of loss, 2016 has been comfortless. You don’t have to know someone intimately to feel the weight of death. Losing our public champions and heroes is comparable to losing a great friend. Listen, they were with us on road trips, comforted us during deaths in our own families, with us through school, dating, break ups and make ups. Their words and actions provided conversation, listening, understanding and laughs.


The sudden and unexpected end.

I remain,