Journal - Father's Day

On Father’s Day my sister, my niece, and my-self; my, my my drove to Roanoke, VA to surprise my dad as he was being honored as Morning Star Baptist Church’s Father of the Year.

My mom asked us to write something to be read aloud during service, if it had been only a few hours notice I would have dropped what I was doing and made the drive ~ These are the moments you show up for. My sister and niece drive up from Atlanta the night before, we broke bread and they grabbed some Z’s. We woke early enough to make the drive from Charlotte to Roanoke. They say it’s a three hour drive, I do it in two and a half.

True story.

I had been preparing something (in my mind) in the days preceding, never fully understanding what I would say. However, on the drive up ~ the conversations with my sister provided some perspective.

Some of the opportunities I presented my folks as a young adult are the same opportunities my kids are presenting me. Unscripted, I spoke about what I learned from my dad. Patience. Although I see the benefits, I’m still learning, Michelle and the kids would all say ~

“Let the church say, HeyMan.”

I also spoke about, and perhaps the most dynamic to me, being a good steward of your ‘stuff’; material stuff, emotional stuff ~ Growing up I watched him take care of the house; literally and figuratively. The love he shows my mom, the care he provided for his parents until their passing and his long term male friendships are examples of our two primary needs as men; the need for safe, genuine relationships with other people and the need to make an impact, to know that our life matters.