Few Antipathies

An Intro About Nothing

I write a lot in physical journals, also digital journals like Day One, Evernote & the Apple Notes App, most don't make it to this space unless I feel like fleshing it out. I don't write for circumstances, but solace from them. However, I am paying $8/month, so I'm going to start using it more ;)

More About Nothing

When I returned to work shortly after my honeymoon I ran into a former co-worker. I've been with Bank of America for twelve years and have made a few lasting connections, she being one of them. My wedding ring is not flashy but it seemed to be the first thing she noticed, no well wish or salutation just...

Oh My God! ... When did this happen?
— Newsy Co-Worker

She was part of a work, life and play crew of ten. Within the ten there was a core group of five, of the five two became romantic. That would be me and one other ;) To that point, we were friends first, sharing time together as part of a group with no thought given to a romantic relationship. Dinner, lunch, game nights and we helped each other figure shit out. When we began to push boundaries of friendship it turned into a five year relationship. 

Everyone advanced to different areas within the bank, so time and space began to separate the group. Eventually, we realized that although we cared for each other, we were not meant to be together. This led to three years in the wilderness reconciling my stuff, before I reconciled with Michelle.

Don't fall in love, fly in love.

 All of this to write that not even fifteen minutes of returning to my desk after speaking with my newsy co-worker there was an email from one of the ten with the whole crew copied suggesting we all meet for lunch to catch up. Everyone replying with a yes, in all caps it reads like "Hell yeah!" Note: I had not heard from many of them in over two years. It was funny to me that they were trying to be messy, however my ex was the only one I told in advance that Michelle and I were back together and engaged to be married. 

The luncheon never happened and I have not heard form anyone after that email.

Two observations; Don’t be so newsy and others' interest in me is not always appreciated.

I Am