Forever Young, M. Wilkes

Youth (noun).  The state of being young or seeming young.

When you think of the word "youth", close your eyes...what pops up in your mind?  Now open your eyes, and it's a flash to 2014.  We are in an era that only cares about who has the best or more expensive Jordan's or whose eyebrows are on "fleek."

If only our parents could take us back to the time they were young and show us what being a youth meant...  Throwback to the mid 70's. Memories from my mom and dad of being young in this time period consisted mostly of playing outside ALL day and getting home before the street lights came on. Now, being young is over stimulation with electronics.

Although it's a huge difference between now and then's youth, we do have to consider not all "traditions" will continue. Everyone has their own intake of what youth means, it's just the matter of putting the YOU in youth. What's your personal definition of youth?

The youth today is our future. Where do YOU see it heading?

Mya Wilkes


Mya WIlkes

Mya Wilkes; My niece… putting the You in youth!