Forever Young, M. Dolphus

Growing Up in The Valley!

The memories I have growing up in Hidden Valley are fond, I will always cherish them. Playing outside until the street lights came on and the bats came out. Hearing mothers calling their young-ens "come inside! wash up and eat." At times there were as many as fifteen kids outside, especially on a summer night in the Valley.  Ahh the innocence of it all, everyone knew each other and everybody looked out for one another.

My childhood home since age two would be the only home I knew for years to come. A three bedroom brick home, I will never forget. Mama's good cooking in the kitchen. My bedroom, and the living room; everyone knew it was off limits until guest visited. Big-mama keeping everything so nice and clean. The house smelled of Pinesol and Clorox infused with the smoke from her cigarettes. 

Never having to worry, not a care in the world.

Growing up in the Valley, every child should be so lucky.

M Dolphus -Hidden Valley

M. Dolphus, The Future.