Forever Young, The Intro


Many of us identify with a period in our youth characterized by a love of exploration and a spontaneous, direct expression that shapes our individual world view.  I've asked a group of dynamic living souls to share their thoughts, stories, memories, prayers, and call to action on the subject of youth. What I believe will be an expansive and altruistic sharing of their home, family, roots, emotions and sense of self-worth will be presented everyday throughout the month of September.

There were three possible choices for a title for this project; Second Childhood, Young Blood and Young Forever. J. Molet was the first to submit a response and it is from his last sentence that I decided to use "Forever Young."

I Am looking forward to sharing their word(s), word.

I Am also unlocking the comments so that everyone can exchange with others over the series.

Please share your experiences.


I remain,

Brian TramueL