Life & Music. And See That's The Thing

I’ve expressed my love for music & ya’ll know I’m a bit kooky. I often relate things happening in my life to the music I am listening to. While it is not specific to the song’s lyrics or meaning; a phrase, a verse or the hook may spark a thought.


Life set to And See That’s The Thing, Deja Trimble (DeJ Loaf)

Cover Art And See That's The Thing


There is a saying that boredom is the desire for desires.

I have many desires…

“Been On My Grind”

Two ways to be rich: Make more or Desire less.

First we decide, then we justify…

“Back Up”

When you strive for perfection, desire get confused and you could lose your direction.
— Wale

Striving for perfection, we tend to worry when we are not producing anything, and we worry about whether what we produce will measure up. Back up and remember why you’re doing it…

“Hey There”

Keep desires for immediate gratification under control.

Slow down, enjoy the moment without following the urge. Slowing down prolongs the pleasure...


I have the desire to do what is good, but I cannot carry it out - Romans 7:18

Slowing stomach function, increasing heart rate; fight or flight…

“We Winnin’”

Love has no other desire than to fulfill itself.
— Khalil Gibran

Speaks for itself.


I Am