Life & Music. Sail Out

I’ve expressed my love for music & ya’ll know I’m a bit kooky. I often relate things happening in my life to the music I am listening to. While it is not specific to the songs lyrics or meaning; a phrase, a verse or the hook may spark a thought.

Life set to Sail Out, Jhené Aiko Efuru Chilombo

"The Vapors" 

I interviewed for a new opportunity with my current employer. Although I have not received an offer, I do expect a decision to be finalized this week. Of Vocation, I'll assume a peer heard the conversation between the hiring manager and my current manager because; How could I even be considered for this position? Having my competence or qualifications questioned is normally a trigger but I fired no shots. To be envious of someone's newfound success? Perhaps they've caught

The Vapors.

"Bed Peace"

Prior to the re-up with Michelle (The Future) I lived alone and slept in a king size bed, her belief that I’ve loved every woman in the world kept my BIG wonderful bed out of our new shared space. I’m not a player, I just crush a lot. We now share a queen size bed and for all of our commonalities; a fascination with astrology, born in the same year, in the same month [four days apart], we also share physical features such as narrow heels, keen feet, and long fingers with wide nail beds, we are however polar opposites concerning this here bed thing. We fight over space, who’s hogging the covers and the thermostat. At times I retreat to the couch or bonus room, it is a practical decision. Yielding in order to overcome… no justice, no

Bed Peace. 

"Stay Ready (What A Life)" 

I’m always inspired by my cousin and The Future, both own /have own(ed) and operated multiple, successful businesses. Seems we all have a plan to inspire, create, innovate or change the world; however we are often deterred by “timing.” Don’t wait until you or your life is ideal to start something because that time may never come. Do it now and with dynamism.

Stay Ready.

"3:16 AM"

I have nothing because at 3:16 in the AM I Am sleep. Second favorite song...

"Comfort Inn Ending”

I've been hypersensitive to the word retire the past two years. My mother retired this year and I'm determined to make sure I'm prepared for life after work. At my retirement party, before I step up to make a speech, a peer will make this introduction;"After working all his life to obtain his objectives and finally having reached that goal, he wants to retire in peace and quiet and to have a retirement full of contemplation, with few tasks, close to nature. As he was very careful with money the second half of his life, he will administer the properties he has acquired."

Comfort Inn Ending

I Am