Long Story Short II

"Blogging: Or writing in general. In my heart, there is an epic writer. But in my head there is an epic procrastinator. I think about writing every day. I want to blog..." ~September

Inspired by the legend of the six word story, motivated by a desire to write.

Karma supplies me two days’ notice.

Whether you believe there is karmic debt or believe the ideas of reward and punishment are human concepts.

The likeliness that an event will occur is probable, stay ready.

We go hard, no days off.

Health is the vital principle of happiness, and exercise of health.

Every day, move.

First we decide, then we justify.

Unlike when we deceive and then we deceive about the fact that we deceive. A lie.

Once we ourselves believe – we get on with the business of justifying.

Count your blessings, not your problems.

I’ve told y’all this before… I know people who text me to complain, often daily, and they do not want advice. Even when they are fortunate enough to have a problem with a clear solution, they ignore it and continue to complain.

Remember me, like I remember you.

There are some moments you cannot escape.

The die is very strong.

Even you have limitations. Recognize them.

Sometimes we’re too dependent on ourselves and our own strengths.

Love is easy, relationships take work.

My God.

She is feeling, he is thinking.

Men think before they feel? or women feel before they think?

Questions that need answers.



I remain