Natural Peacemaker

Monday I took Maestro out for a walk. It was early; we were up and out before the Sun. 

Not one foot out of the driveway, I hear voices elevating from across the street. I can't see them as they are covered by dusk. I walk a few more feet intent on ignoring these young people.


None of my business, besides answers create questions. 


I wish it were as natural and comfortable to feel that way, however my awareness is heightened with so much going on in the world; and by world I mean our communities and neighbor 'hoods. 


Shit is complex. 


All things considered. I Am usually practical, taken up with those worldly concerns and the structure of power. I call out, "Y'all good over there?" He said, "Fuck you, this ain't none of your concern." Muted but direct. I call out (again) this time only addressing the young woman, "You alright Miss?"  She said, "Yea, I'm fine. Thank you." 


Second time this month I've had to grow some new buttons.


What He Said, What She Said


There was a controlled emotional response, I had become both more and less serious at the same time. I didn't overreact, stilling my ego. They were on the darker side he didn't need to see my darker side. Sometimes you have to take a stand and sometimes you have to save your energy for BIGger struggles. 


I remain