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The Week of Loss, Life, Lust & Love

Of Loss

I’m not an empath but this week has proven that we all are on some level, for most of us it is so low key that we aren’t aware of anyone else's feelings but our own. I’ve had friends lose their mother, a very special friend who’s mother had a heart attack and a close friend whose dearest friend suffered a stroke. Although I did not know any of them personally, in the moment you first hear, the initial shock leaves you stunned, numb to the huge surge of feelings. I never know how to respond, the most common phrases are void of sincerity to me. So here are my words. Sorrow serves as a reminder of the brevity of life.

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RE:Post ... In To Me See

A common theme this week among friends; Relationship(s), The Chase & Defining Roles ... my personal thoughts were of not missing the responsibility or accountability of being in a relationship but missing intimacy. I remembered this post & I haven't written in a while so it's relative ... two birds, one stone.  ~Brian Originally Posted May 16, 2010 @ 9:29 P.M.

I ran all up on a book the other day, ‘cause it was sexy! I mean this book had a “tramp stamp” in the small of it’s back that drove me crazy! As I spit my game, trying to get it’s math I realized that it was very interesting how she broke down intimacy.

“The Seven Levels of Intimacy: The Art of Loving and the Joy of Being Loved” By Matthew Kelly

7 Levels of In To Me See

The book breaks down the process of revealing our authentic selves while our “representative” takes a step to the back.

Before you go back to Twittering, Facebooking or picking your nose, this is not a book review. If you wanna know more my brotha’s and sistah’s, you’ve got to buy your own! I ordered a hardback copy from Amazon for under $10en. 99. The book itself was $Free.99 but with shipping & handling the BIG A got me.

Whether consciously or subconsciously we all have our own personal levels of connection or “In-To-Me-See”

Like: “You like me!, You really like me!” … Butterflies, text messages, emails, parking outside their homes in a friends car so they don’t see you, talking & laughing for hours learning each others personality.

Love: Love is “like” to the ‘umptenth power, moving from a physical reaction to a chemical reaction. {Remember? From Seeing Clearly … Physical vs Chemical: in a physical reaction two substances are mixed or ground together without being transformed, meaning both can be recovered from such a mixture in their original state. A chemical reaction, on the other hand, produces an entirely new substance, one that is very different from either of the reactants and does not easily yield the original substances back again.} Science! This is the move from the growing in your groin (Lust) to dreams of you growing old together tweezing each others nose & ear hairs.

Trust: We all have our own definition of trust, but let’s be clear, at this level it is not that high-school game of who cheated on who. You should feel trust … it’s about protection, feeling secure knowing that someone will protect your heart.

Respect: R.E.S.P.E.C.T.  … Find out what it means to me. Another word with broad interpretations, levels and degrees. To me It is about understanding each others value, value as a woman, man, human being who drinks water and breathes air, never wanting to disappoint or have that value depreciate.

Honor: This is the deal closer, a virtual badge signifying your commitment. Ultimate understanding of who we both really are. Accepting & protecting all of the like, love, trust and r.e.s.p.e.c.t. that we have for each other.

There are many others I’m sure that could be added, however, this is my list … you’ve got to tell me yours. What are your levels of connection?

P.S. While you are working on that can someone tell me why we stopped using “Obey” in wedding vows? I think if we add it back in there women won’t be so out of pocket, so beside themselves.


Mr.”You promised to obey, now go in there and fix me a sandwich” TramueL

Obey. Love. Serve. Excel.


Someone special shared these words with me a few months back, I believe they were stuffed inside of her fortune cookie on the packaging of her green tea bags. {She reminded me}

How simple, perfect & profound.

I searched for the origin, didn’t find the source but determined that the phrase is a formula for devotion, not exclusive to the pursuit of God & religion. Devotion is viewed as the combination of love and dedication that motivates folk to excel.

The words by themselves have such a broad meaning but together they do create a  formula. *In my Savon from Love Jones voice* … “Let me break it down so that it is forever & consistently broke.”


To submit or conform in action to some guiding principle1, impulse2 or one's conscience3.

As it relates to the other words: “to hear”, “to listen”. The highest significance of its usage, however, is that of the relation of man & (wo)man to God. The first duty of love is to listen …


And think not you can direct the course of love, for love, if it finds you worthy, directs your course.”  - my man, your man, Khalil Gibran I’m gay for this dude & all of his writing(s).

As it relates to the other words: Love is caring in action. Love isn't what we feel, but what we do.


To give homage and obedience to.

You can not live a perfect day without doing something for someone who will never be able to repay you.” - John Wooden

As it relates to the other words: Service humbles us. Obedience, humility & love all begin with service.


To surpass others or be superior in some respect or area; do extremely well.

As it relates to the other words: To do or be better; to have your obedience, love & service show in everything that you do.

You have to follow your marching orders, even when the storms come. Obey. Give of your whole self, let you heart go through the pain. When it’s done it will reveal that God’s light always shines through. Love. Hold your commitment no matter what circumstances you cross. Serve. Let “the light” shine through into all that you do. Excel.