The Post About Nothing

At Work

Doesn't matter what time someone comes in; 7:30 AM or 10:30 AM the conversation is always about lunch. “What’s for lunch?” “What are we eating today?” This leads to discussions about food; Meatloaf Monday, Taco Tuesday … this leads to someone saying an unfamiliar term like “pop” we call it soda 'round these parts … this leads to me laughing so hard as we discuss the proper pronunciation of Crayon. The group is made up of New Jersey transplants and Charlotteans. Crayon led to other words but none more funny as pronouncing the name Mario, absolute madness ensued. 

At Home

Everyone in the house claims to love technology but never curious to understand what makes it work. The kids use the computer(s) and their devices for personal and school. Michelle has a personal and business cell although I’ve never understood living souls who need this. I would have one device to rule them all.

Lord of The Phones: The one Tower.  

The other day I had three separate conversations about some technology issue they were having. Geneva couldn’t understand why her cell didn’t connect to the home wi-fi while she was at school, in her defense I previously told her that she would be able to connect to any cable or TWC hotspot if there was one available. I’m sure all she saw were my lips moving and only heard “yes you can connect to our wi-fi at school.”  Brian needed help moving an image into a word document for his project and Michelle needed help with creating a pdf file. It occurred to me that I’ve answered these same questions at least three times before. I’ve gone as far as installing the TWC wi-fi finder on Geneva’s phone, showing Brian different ways to drag, drop, import, browse or otherwise add a picture to a word document and I purchased a full version of Adobe so Michelle could create a PDF out of thin air. No one ever asks why or to be shown how things work. They just expect the TV to come on when the remote is pressed. Nothing is more frustrating as watching someone search for the remote, just to turn the TV off while the TV is less than two feet in front of you.

The terrifying acceleration of interpersonal communications will uglify all hope for the human psyche.

Everyone loves to read so I’m going to leave books around the house; LAN and WAN Wi-fi coverage for Geneva, Microsoft Word for Dummies for Brian and Karma Sutra for Michelle. 

Don't mind me, I'm going to eat this Gelato... 

I Am