By Joi Tramuel


Even under Proposition 215

Legalize it! That’s the chatter.

Every state patiently waiting their turn.

First a little oil then progress to medical conditions and terms.

You people can’t wait to open a dispensary!

Sitting at home letting incense burn.

You will be a business owner, victory!

Finally something you can do well, sell drugs.

I’m laughing at you just like they looking at you.

You a fool if you think those old white men want to work with a thug!

You ain’t gonna get that job for the same reason you didn’t get the last one.

You got a felony nigga!

And they don’t care about you or your son.

They are always one step ahead, passing laws over your head.

So when they eventually legalize it in your state,

Will you still be a pot head and put food on their plate?

Joi Tramuel is a proud graduate of Norfolk State University where she obtained both her Bachelor’s degree in Psychology and her Master’s degree in Urban Education. Founder of The Society for Hip Hop & Education, an organization upholding the TRUE image of #HipHop and advocating for community empowerment.