Forever Young, E. Fuller

Forever Young, E. Fuller

The Rupture

The cocoon had been somewhat comfortable, but it was confining. Worst of all, I could see outside of it.

I had only consumed the mental and spiritual nectar, that my parents wanted me to eat. I hungered for a broader menu intellectually, and for a more diverse range of acceptable companions, besides the ones who were stuck in cocoons like myself.

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He Said, She Said ... Call Me A Liar


“accept who you really are, your esteem shouldn’t be a mystiquerepeating the same tired letdowns to whom you care not reach

returning it in a spirit of mutual honesty not an option but a must”

“call me a liar for generously spreading the basis of trust”

The CG Chronicles – @MelzieC

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Ho' Is Short For Honey

A poem by Chrissy Davis ... You Say Potatoe, I Say Potato

You see a whore

I see a woman

Someone's daughter, lost and broken

Not knowing how to find her way home

~ In The Face of Indigo

Harlem Sweeties

Have you dug the spill   

Of Sugar Hill?

Cast your gims

On this sepia thrill:   

Brown sugar lassie,   

Caramel treat,   

Honey-gold baby   

Sweet enough to eat.   

Peach-skinned girlie,   

Coffee and cream,   

Chocolate darling   

Out of a dream.   

Walnut tinted

Or cocoa brown,   


Pride of the town.   

Rich cream-colored   

To plum-tinted black,   

Feminine sweetness   

In Harlem’s no lack.   

Glow of the quince   

To blush of the rose.   

Persimmon bronze   

To cinnamon toes.   

Blackberry cordial,   

Virginia Dare wine—

All those sweet colors   

Flavor Harlem of mine!   

Walnut or cocoa,   

Let me repeat:

Caramel, brown sugar,   

A chocolate treat.   

Molasses taffy,

Coffee and cream,   

Licorice, clove, cinnamon   

To a honey-brown dream.   

Ginger, wine-gold,   

Persimmon, blackberry,

All through the spectrum

Harlem girls vary—

So if you want to know beauty’s   

Rainbow-sweet thrill,

Stroll down luscious,



 Sugar Hill.


Langston Hughes

Raven's Brew

Raven's Brew Raven's Brew by Christina P. Davis

My rating: 5 of 5 stars

My copy arrived this morning. I skimmed through the contents to get a feel for the book. The titles are creative and grabbed my attention, the actual poem(s) held it. I began reading on the ride to work (Mass Transit - Never read & drive),while at lunch, break and on the ride home. I was unable to stop reading, I read each once, twice and thrice. First to gain an understanding of the writers intentions, second to gain understanding of my own interpretation and lastly to relate that understanding to my personal experiences. I love poetry and appreciate the way writers effectively communicate by colliding words through thought onto paper. This is a book review, so Raven's Brew inspires creative thought through a series serendipitous occurrences ...

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