When White People Go to Mars

When white people go to Mars, I’m gonna be dancing in the street!

When white people go to Mars, we will finally be free!

When white people go to Mars, another pale face I will not see!


When white people go to Mars, don’t let them come back for free!

You ain’t coming back to a planet you destroyed or the land you stole from us.

So keep your asses in outer space, you will no longer be our crutch!


We can get back our places, as the kings and queens of all races!

Teaching the knowledge and science to our younger faces.

Melaninated people all over the globe finally uniting as one.


Restoring the globes natural resources without resorting to nuclear ones.

Growing together as a people and learning where we’re from.

When white people go to Mars, some of us will want to go because some of us are just that dumb.


Just simply let them go,


‘Cause we don’t need them where we’re going.

Because we’re going back, back to a place where our seeds can keep on growing.

When white people go to Mars, they ain’t coming back for free!


If white people want to come back from Mars, get their mugshots and fingerprints like they did to you and me!

Let’s make them work from dawn til dusk on some rail-road; even if they seem too old.

If white people come back from Mars,


Lock them up for decades at a time unable to support their family.

I don’t care if some of y’all get mad at me.

I’m already mad because they always trying to take what’s ours!


I’m gonna undermine their credentials and send THEM back, to Mars.

When white people go to Mars, they aren’t allowed to come back!

When white people go to Mars, the ones that stay will eventually blend in; so we can work with that.


But when white people go to Mars, please white people please, stay where you’re at.


Please white people don’t ever, EVER, ever come back!


by Joi Tramuel

Joi Tramuel is a proud graduate of Norfolk State University where she obtained both her Bachelor’s degree in Psychology and her Master’s degree in Urban Education. Founder of The Society for Hip Hop & Education, an organization upholding the TRUE image of #HipHop and advocating for community empowerment.