Work All Our Lives

12:00 PM EST appointment with Sheena of AlphaMale Nail Care Services for Men

Inside The House of LeMond.


MANicure from the Latin word Manus meaning hand, keep up, but that’s not why we are here.

Shout out to my High School Latin Teacher Shirley Wingo.

There is always so much love when I enter the shop. This is what I imagined the shops from the days where we bought/ sold services and goods in our own neighborhoods. Providing the everyday services that allowed us to make moves outside of the community as well as keeping the community alive.

Today was just like all the others when I visit – a great sense of pride and connection. Sheena just finished a book Raw Footage: A Gentlemen's Guide to Proper Foot Care. I’ve finished the Kindle version and I love how everything comes back to connection and turning that connection into relationships that create a sense of family. They are the creators, I Am a consumer and proud all the same of their success. What inspired me to write today opposed to the many times I’ve been in the shop prior, was another way The House of LeMond gives back. There was a man in the shop as I entered, I don’t know his situation personally but later learned that he is homeless. No one ever looks (or feels) out of place, we are all simply bodies in the shop chopping it up. LeMond was styling him, #DapperAsFuck is the slogan. Navy blue three-button suit, shirt, tie, pocket square – private times and the whole 9.

LeMond Hart, The House of LeMond.

I was in the chair getting a, C’mon MANicure and LeMond shared the pictures he had taken & yes my man was extra sharp. Again, nothing new in the shop, everyone is always wow’d - Until I saw that gentle-man outside of the shop beaming with pride holding his new suit over his shoulder. The suit was given to him from the kindness of the shop.

This I what I’ve always believed to be the true essence of vocation.

Vocation comes from the Latin word for a summons or call and is rooted in the (Latin) word for voice. The word has been reduced to just another way to say work or a job, but understand that the meaning of vocation runs deeper than a job, it involves listening for and finding the work we were meant to do.

In a world where most people are obsessed with making the greatest amount of money with the least possible effort, listen to the voice that calls you. 


I Am