Ebb & Flow

I ljust reviewed my new followers and wondered if I would offend some of them cause' I'm not using Twitter for personal branding or to promote a product or service (Got a business page for that). It's just a creative outlet for me. Trust me I would rather be "one nighting" women. I can be serious, I can be funny, I can be technical, I can be all things at any given time #EgoFormation.

Then I thought it's Eff'em Friday's!

  • Eff them for using autobots to find new followers
  • Eff them for unfollowing me when they realize the bot that bought me to them was on some ol' next isht cause it didn't read all of my tweet and instead used some keywords
  • Eff'em cause I start hitting the block button from jump, I'ont owe you anything

I use my powers for good not evil ... now go spread the word.