RIM To Android | Week One


Customizable: I loaded a screensaver from my Desktop to the phone for use with six home screens & three docs.

Screen 1: Weather Widget

Screen 2:  4 x 4 Screen with shortcuts to apps that I frequently use. I ditched the stock icons & used a few high detail icons.

Screen 3:  Power Widget (Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, GPS, Data, Brightness) & Calendar Widget (Transparent)

Screen 4: People Widget 12 of my most contacted contacts

Screen 5: Twitter Widget (Transparent) Linked to Twicca Beta

Screen 6: Facebook Widget (Transparent)

Doc 1: Phone, Google Voice, Home (takes you to all apps), Gmail (Google Apps for tramuel.com) & Dolphin HD Web Browser – I can’t say enough about this browser! So check it out yourself. It has Flash on demand so Flash will not load on default. Click on the Flash area and Boom! Makes rendering the pages faster than the stock browser and the good guys at Adobe gives us Flash 10.1 Beta for free.

Doc 2: Twicca, Plume (Pro), Facebook, Bank of America, Google Reader

Doc 3: Google Search, LinkedIn (Beta) for Android, Evernote, TeamViewer (Remote control for your desktop), Youtube


Dolphin HD Mobile Browser

Mobile Apps

All in all I spent less than than $6.00 for two apps, Launcher Pro & Plume Pro (Although I prefer Twicca), TeamViewer offered a free non-commercial license. 



No Nike+ Support

Magic Always,


A Day In The Life Of A Tweet

Twitter-egg-256 I can get up early every morning but fail to leave the house in enough time to be early for work, always rushing …

… After further analysis I’ve moved away from spending so much time cleaning “it” because “it” hasn’t been near anything in a long time and by a long time I mean a few months and by a few months I mean almost a year. Although my shower is still 30 minutes, I now concentrate on my face. Here is my logic; beauty captures attention, personality captures hearts. Science!

Face + Beauty + Heart(s) = Someone Touching “it”.

Mr. “Science is true, don’t be misled by facts” TramueL

Facebook Status | Negative Things

"Hey - If negative things continue to happen to you. Stop asking for prayer and change your own situation. Negative things continue to happen to people who are POOR decision makers. Enhancing the ability to make GREAT decisions automatically improves your outcomes. Stupidity - Let's stop it TODAY!!"


Shout Out Saturday: Featuring Spoken Words & Thoughts

Spoken Words This week I feature the first strong supporter of my Blog Ms. SunnyDelyte! She is fun-loving, adventuresome & imaginative; qualities that are transferable & present in  everything that she is & everything that she does. Mother, Daughter, Sister, Aunt, Friend & Writer.

Sunny is a Taurus, Taurus III to be exact so I thought it would be TramueListic of me to highlight my favorite post based on characteristics of her sign.

Taurus III’s are able to give form to their thoughts, to embody in a  service or artistic activity …

Holocaust VS Slavery (3 Part Series)

Holocaust VS Slavery

It’s hard for Taurus III’s to keep a low profile. Craving action & excitement, often unable to keep their strong opinions on those around them to themselves …

Callin’ Ya’ll Out: Cheaters


Taurus III’s are highly sensitive individuals who need to be left free to express themselves as directly & naturally as they wish …

Love VS Being In Love: Differences

Love VS Being In Love

There are soo many more great post, so take some time to browse the archives && check her out! She is on Day 20 of the 30 day blog challenge you can find the links to her most recent post up there, top right … “In the Spotlight”

FaceBook Fan Page

Spoken Words on Facebook

@SunnyDelyte21 on Twitter

SunnyDelyte on Twitter

Spoken Words & Thoughts on WordPress

Spoken Words & Thoughts on Wordpress

Magic Always,

Mr. “Never give up your natural & instinctive approach to life” TramueL

Saturday Shout Out! … Up 4 Discussion

up4d The purpose of Up 4 Discussion is to allow ALL readers the opportunity to Speak Up & voice their thoughts, feelings, and opinions on various important topics that are rarely discussed openly and/or publicly.”

It’s Me … Mr.TramueL! Welcome to another Shout Out Saturday, this week I’m featuring the man behind the movement. J’Sin’s sparkling thought, allows each of us to cultivate personal as well as social awareness …


Follow J’Sin / Up 4 Discussion on twitter & watch him “go in” on one of the trending topics or watch & participate as he gets one started!





No doubt the blog gets the discussion jumping, the purpose stated above does just what it says … allows the readers to examine the topic, comment & explore solutions via an informal debate. My personal favorites are highlighted below, visit the Blog to discover yours!

Battle With Temptation



Up 4 Discussion recently added Video to the arsenal, now your speakers can go hammer … bringing the discussion to you. Visit the official YouTube channel!

"Do Women Really Know What They Want in a Man?" ... Find out


Magic Always,

Mr. TramueL

Saturday Shout out! … 25Champ

Megaphone Grounded Skill & Feeling.

This is my opportunity to “shout out” a member of the Blog family. The above statement rings true when you read the post(s) on Champ’s Blog. I also follow him on Twitter & it’s evident in his Tweets too.

Here is a snippet of his latest offering …

Live Your Life For you: Understanding Ethical Relativism

“I’m 30yrs old now and I’d have to say that I pretty much know what’s best for me by now.”

“I’m not implying that I know everything, but I’ll judge be the judge of me and you be the judge of you.”

“I have absolutely no right to judge your beliefs and you have no right to judge mine.”

“What’s the point!”

“All beliefs and ethics are “relative” anyway!” …

Twitter-high-detail-32Follow Champ on Twitter @25Champ

Blogger-high-detail-32View Champ’s Blog Perspective: Life through My Eyes

Magic Always,

Mr. “we like the breeze flow straight out of our lids” TramueL

Subliminal Tweet(s), Insider(s) Status Updates

Mr.TramueL’s observation of #SubTweet and {Insiders} Facebook status updates.

I’ve learned and there will be no more social-media beef (recall) for me, whilst I was alone in my room stirring at the wall, in the back of my mind I heard my conscious call … it was about firing subliminal shots on Twitter and Facebook, at least that is what the folk tweeting and updating their status would like to believe.

Subliminal defined:

1. Below the threshold of conscious perception. Used of stimuli.

2. (Psychology) (of stimuli) less than the minimum intensity or duration required to elicit a response

They said: “Mr.TramueL what does the meaning really mean?” I said: “I know right?” “Webster be tripp’n, on some next level subliminal definitions” … it means that the messages are presented in a way that their chance of perception is less than fifty percent.

This is an impromptu post for two reasons (1) Yvette called at 1:20 a.m. to catch up and also to ask if my previous post was in reference to her. I responded “I would never write about someone I thought would ever read it.” Blank Stare. Wink.Wink. *Girl you know it wasn’t about you!* (2) I was going to tweet {because now I’m wide awake & she is now sleep, five minutes later no doubt} a covert tweet that only I & Yvette would know what it meant how hilarious I am, but Yvette isn’t on Twitter and would never see it.

The point.

Of shots fired

You’re so vain, certainly it isn’t always about you – except for the times it is. And those times, both you and the party who sent it knows it is, or you are the party who sent it and knows the person you are referring to knows what your intent is. So it’s not really subliminal but more covert “not openly defined”

Covert tweets & updates make for good jokes to strangers, may garner you twenty thumbs on Facebook, may even be a way for you to get a few things off your chest but it can also hurt the folk you care most about. Social media can be an outlet for you to be your best or a mask for you to be your worse. Drop the mask.

Radiant Silence,

Mr. “I was going to finish one of the twenty post in my draft folder, but got so tickled with myself at 1:30 a.m. that I pen(ed) this instead” TramueL

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Tweni Twidi Twici



I was finally around people that understood me and I didn’t have to explain myself to them. I didn’t have to explain my excessive use of twitter because everyone else in the room was using it too. People didn’t look at me crazy when I told them I was a blogger. It was like finally meeting your real family (sorry mama but I still love you). It was cool to finally meet people that you knew about from on-line. Also it was cool to meet new people for the first time.” 

This excerpt is from @CitizenOjo 's *Follow Him on Twitter* experience at the Blogging While Brown conference in the nations capital … he is blazing in the Blogging Firmament with The Desultory Life & Times of a Public Citizen 

I’ve never fancied *Did I just write “Fancied” ? … Don’t answer* myself a writer | blogger, I was simply someone with too much time on my hands. Over the past year and few months of being a part of this social media whirl, I’ve learned to manage my own expectations but also realized the power of social media in business and personal life. Power may be too strong a word for most folk so I’ll *Insert* usefulness. 

Personally, I’m not trying to push an agenda or save the world but allow the voices in my head to speak *I have to translate because they speak Spanish*

Mr. Ojo’s statement above gives me the perfect flow over my imperfect beat.  

I’m Mr.TramueL and I tweet.

Ebb & Flow

I ljust reviewed my new followers and wondered if I would offend some of them cause' I'm not using Twitter for personal branding or to promote a product or service (Got a business page for that). It's just a creative outlet for me. Trust me I would rather be "one nighting" women. I can be serious, I can be funny, I can be technical, I can be all things at any given time #EgoFormation.

Then I thought it's Eff'em Friday's!

  • Eff them for using autobots to find new followers
  • Eff them for unfollowing me when they realize the bot that bought me to them was on some ol' next isht cause it didn't read all of my tweet and instead used some keywords
  • Eff'em cause I start hitting the block button from jump, I'ont owe you anything

I use my powers for good not evil ... now go spread the word.