What Happens When Someone Stops “Following” You In Real Life?

“I think back of the few people that were allowed to interface with Brian ( his choice ) … ”

That’s my mother on Mr.TramueL … Did my mama use my government name? It seems even as an adolescent I was guarded with who I allowed into my personal space. I have a very small circle of folk whom I consider friends, although somewhat undemonstrative I am generally loyal and responsible to those I care about.

What happens when they stop e-mailing, texting, calling or  simply stop communicating? If you’re using Twitter, Facebook or any other social-media site when you lose a follower it’s no problem ‘cause they can always be replaced. In real life there are no macros, widgets or tools that email you when someone stops following you, what was said or perhaps done at that particular point in time. If something in my character past or present causes you to stop “following” me I offer you this; judgments can be as unjust as the actions or personal view they condemn.

Don’t worry kids Mr.TramueL is still committed to disarming his armor. I’ll continue to look to the sky and deepen my relationships with my current “followers.” I feel sorry for  lil’ Mr.TramueL  though he is now my official & permanent hang-out partner.

Drops Mic. Pours out a little liquor on stage (for those we lost along the way.) Walks off. Lights match. Throws lit match on poured out liquor. Stage goes up in flames.

Magic Always,