Market of Discount Dreams

Market of Discount Dreams

The other day while having a discussion about Cash Rules Everything Around Me, CREAM get the money, dollar, dollar bill Y'all. It led to a familiar discussion that I’ve been having with greater than enough frequency lately, living souls being obsessed with making the greatest amount of money with the least possible effort.

I like money, but I’ve learned it cannot make you happy. In the words of the prolific rhymer Christopher George Latore Wallace, Mo Money Mo Problems. Also, I would sign up for a test to see if $500MM would indeed make me happy – it is a delicate duality to balance.

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Forever Young, [Quotes] Unhealthy Relationships & Immaturity

Of Unhealthy Relationships

Unhealthy relationships are driven by the soul. Issues that have not been resolved. They will abort your destiny. Healthy relationships are led by the Spirit of God and will advance you.
— T. Brown

Of Immaturity

Immaturity is an enemy that will cause you to abort the seasons and timing of God. Following your soul will rob you of greatness. Healthy relationships prepare you for your next dimension.
— T. Brown

What Happens When Someone Stops “Following” You In Real Life?

“I think back of the few people that were allowed to interface with Brian ( his choice ) … ”

That’s my mother on Mr.TramueL … Did my mama use my government name? It seems even as an adolescent I was guarded with who I allowed into my personal space. I have a very small circle of folk whom I consider friends, although somewhat undemonstrative I am generally loyal and responsible to those I care about.

What happens when they stop e-mailing, texting, calling or  simply stop communicating? If you’re using Twitter, Facebook or any other social-media site when you lose a follower it’s no problem ‘cause they can always be replaced. In real life there are no macros, widgets or tools that email you when someone stops following you, what was said or perhaps done at that particular point in time. If something in my character past or present causes you to stop “following” me I offer you this; judgments can be as unjust as the actions or personal view they condemn.

Don’t worry kids Mr.TramueL is still committed to disarming his armor. I’ll continue to look to the sky and deepen my relationships with my current “followers.” I feel sorry for  lil’ Mr.TramueL  though he is now my official & permanent hang-out partner.

Drops Mic. Pours out a little liquor on stage (for those we lost along the way.) Walks off. Lights match. Throws lit match on poured out liquor. Stage goes up in flames.

Magic Always,

Simplifying These Social Street

Because you care. Inspired by an unresolution, and an attempt to organize how I spend my time. I let go of Instagram, Tumblr and Posterous. The latter being the hardest because it was my introduction to blogging and their platform makes it very easy to do. Posting quotes there, images somewhere, music another place and books another instead of using one 'ring to rule them all.

Squarespace is my 'precious.

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The Point of Social Media is to be Social but ...

FIve things I wish you wouldn't do with social media ... 

I’m fond of a lot of things & while I love to discuss music, technology, food, or photography they are hard to discuss intelligently at times. I understand that there is always dissent which makes for great debate. However, if I say I prefer thighs over breast there is no need for someone to say to me that the merciless god of perfection hand selects each breast. I value your point of view but not when it comes from a place of authority.

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10 Things You Don't Deserve Applause For

10 Things You Don't Deserve Applause For

It’s heavy in these social streets. 

To use or not to use social media

Build it and they will come. Use it to benefit you or use it for fun. Or, don’t use it at all. Your point of view means nothing to others. I’m not dope or vapid because I use it and you’re not profound or about that slow life if you don’t.

No applause.

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I’ve loved myself long enough, I’m ready to show love and be in love with someone else. Wait, that may be lust. Folks inspiring me and thangs’. You may disagree with this but science is true don’t be misled by facts. When women talk about love it’s about an idea, when men talk about love it’s about the woman they love. Let it marinate. [Post forthcoming] If love is blind, lust has 20/20.


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Intel® The Museum of Me

This is pretty cool, if you are a narcissists.

Create and explore a visual archive of your social life.

The music is full of amsomeness ... "Tiny Piano" (Nijiko) by Takagi Masakatsu

Nijiko.mp3 Listen on Posterous


He Said, She Said ... Shade(s)

"... I don't see the men bitching about this dude lighter than me and I hate myself for it! I think all of us Black women ought to be locked in a room with a bunch of racist bastards and see if they'll treat any shade better than the other."

~ Ms.Nikks

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