RIM To Android | Week One


Customizable: I loaded a screensaver from my Desktop to the phone for use with six home screens & three docs.

Screen 1: Weather Widget

Screen 2:  4 x 4 Screen with shortcuts to apps that I frequently use. I ditched the stock icons & used a few high detail icons.

Screen 3:  Power Widget (Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, GPS, Data, Brightness) & Calendar Widget (Transparent)

Screen 4: People Widget 12 of my most contacted contacts

Screen 5: Twitter Widget (Transparent) Linked to Twicca Beta

Screen 6: Facebook Widget (Transparent)

Doc 1: Phone, Google Voice, Home (takes you to all apps), Gmail (Google Apps for tramuel.com) & Dolphin HD Web Browser – I can’t say enough about this browser! So check it out yourself. It has Flash on demand so Flash will not load on default. Click on the Flash area and Boom! Makes rendering the pages faster than the stock browser and the good guys at Adobe gives us Flash 10.1 Beta for free.

Doc 2: Twicca, Plume (Pro), Facebook, Bank of America, Google Reader

Doc 3: Google Search, LinkedIn (Beta) for Android, Evernote, TeamViewer (Remote control for your desktop), Youtube


Dolphin HD Mobile Browser

Mobile Apps

All in all I spent less than than $6.00 for two apps, Launcher Pro & Plume Pro (Although I prefer Twicca), TeamViewer offered a free non-commercial license. 



No Nike+ Support

Magic Always,