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I was introverted, not shy in junior and senior high school. I had a popular older sister [by three years] and it afforded me a lot of favor with the upper classmen.  I recently re-signed up on “the book”, please note I did it for the 7 extra spaces on the Target Cartwheel app. I also loved the Paper app but it was useless without an active account. Having not used the book in year(s) I thought all was lost, but living souls still there sharing and shining.

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Intel® The Museum of Me

This is pretty cool, if you are a narcissists.

Create and explore a visual archive of your social life.

The music is full of amsomeness ... "Tiny Piano" (Nijiko) by Takagi Masakatsu

Nijiko.mp3 Listen on Posterous


He Said, She Said ... Shade(s)

"... I don't see the men bitching about this dude lighter than me and I hate myself for it! I think all of us Black women ought to be locked in a room with a bunch of racist bastards and see if they'll treat any shade better than the other."

~ Ms.Nikks

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He Said, She Said ... A Humble Spirit

"Strategic success is dealing with the real enemy of your purpose the soul (mind, will, intellect and emotions). Just as the strings of an instrument respond to the touch of human fingers so does your body respond to the impressions of your soul. Yes, it really does matter what you feed your soul. A humble spirit wants to change but you will only see results when one desires to change."

- A Facebook Status Update Via T. Brown

RIM To Android | Week One


Customizable: I loaded a screensaver from my Desktop to the phone for use with six home screens & three docs.

Screen 1: Weather Widget

Screen 2:  4 x 4 Screen with shortcuts to apps that I frequently use. I ditched the stock icons & used a few high detail icons.

Screen 3:  Power Widget (Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, GPS, Data, Brightness) & Calendar Widget (Transparent)

Screen 4: People Widget 12 of my most contacted contacts

Screen 5: Twitter Widget (Transparent) Linked to Twicca Beta

Screen 6: Facebook Widget (Transparent)

Doc 1: Phone, Google Voice, Home (takes you to all apps), Gmail (Google Apps for & Dolphin HD Web Browser – I can’t say enough about this browser! So check it out yourself. It has Flash on demand so Flash will not load on default. Click on the Flash area and Boom! Makes rendering the pages faster than the stock browser and the good guys at Adobe gives us Flash 10.1 Beta for free.

Doc 2: Twicca, Plume (Pro), Facebook, Bank of America, Google Reader

Doc 3: Google Search, LinkedIn (Beta) for Android, Evernote, TeamViewer (Remote control for your desktop), Youtube


Dolphin HD Mobile Browser

Mobile Apps

All in all I spent less than than $6.00 for two apps, Launcher Pro & Plume Pro (Although I prefer Twicca), TeamViewer offered a free non-commercial license. 



No Nike+ Support

Magic Always,


Facebook Status | Negative Things

"Hey - If negative things continue to happen to you. Stop asking for prayer and change your own situation. Negative things continue to happen to people who are POOR decision makers. Enhancing the ability to make GREAT decisions automatically improves your outcomes. Stupidity - Let's stop it TODAY!!"


Destroy & Rebuild

build1Facebook_256 Alright here we are … As many of you may know {because you care} I’ve seriously given consideration to deleting my Facebook account. Conversations directly & indirectly related to it’s destruction have caused me to have a discussion, albeit with myself, valid exploration.

I tried to ask myself why without offense but naturally I viewed this as an attack & had to defend my position.

Likes & {Dis}Likes in the same breath

I like the fact that social media presents an opportunity for personal & business relationships. I dislike the fact that social media presents an opportunity for personal & business relationships.

Of Likes

Twitter, Facebook, WordPress & the count(ed) number of networking tools that I use have my attention, but not because of some addiction {crack is whack} but because they provide value. I’m able to stay in contact with work friends as we move into different roles & drop a dime on em’ when they call out sick but update their status with “Having fun at the beach! bea(ot)ches!” It also enables discovery, I’ve found many interesting sites that challenge me & inspire my own creativity. I’ve also met very interesting people with whom I’ve been able to engage in mentally stimulating conversations & very silly & fun conversations.

Of {Dis}Likes

In trying to build a network I was guilty of friend hoarding {in the beginning} accepting every request from old classmate(s), every request from local promoter(s), every request for business page(s) There was no way for me to be engaged with so many. I’m pretty introverted & never really post to Facebook that often, however the apps I use provide constant access to my time line so I’m able to see what others are posting … I’ll just say I’d rather be a good “friend” to a few than dis-connected from so many.

Save Deletion | Destroy & Rebuild

Destroy: Transitive and intransitive verb to ruin something or make something useless.

Rebuild: 1To work to restore something that has been weakened, damaged or ruined 2To make major alterations or improvements to something.

My plan is to destroy & rebuild … this is how I will continue to use Social Media & Facebook:

To have fun, To “Hip” others - make aware of and influence by the thoughts and ideas based on social, economic and cultural background, For Empowerment, To share news & post information for events, To meet other folk with brains, {I is intelligent too} … Hopefully this will spark a thought, a thought will spark a conversation, a conversation will spark a debate, a debate will spark some fun. Slingshot engaged.

Harm None,

Mr.TramueL is the only person to ever ace a Rorschach Test.

Shout Out Saturday: Featuring Spoken Words & Thoughts

Spoken Words This week I feature the first strong supporter of my Blog Ms. SunnyDelyte! She is fun-loving, adventuresome & imaginative; qualities that are transferable & present in  everything that she is & everything that she does. Mother, Daughter, Sister, Aunt, Friend & Writer.

Sunny is a Taurus, Taurus III to be exact so I thought it would be TramueListic of me to highlight my favorite post based on characteristics of her sign.

Taurus III’s are able to give form to their thoughts, to embody in a  service or artistic activity …

Holocaust VS Slavery (3 Part Series)

Holocaust VS Slavery

It’s hard for Taurus III’s to keep a low profile. Craving action & excitement, often unable to keep their strong opinions on those around them to themselves …

Callin’ Ya’ll Out: Cheaters


Taurus III’s are highly sensitive individuals who need to be left free to express themselves as directly & naturally as they wish …

Love VS Being In Love: Differences

Love VS Being In Love

There are soo many more great post, so take some time to browse the archives && check her out! She is on Day 20 of the 30 day blog challenge you can find the links to her most recent post up there, top right … “In the Spotlight”

FaceBook Fan Page

Spoken Words on Facebook

@SunnyDelyte21 on Twitter

SunnyDelyte on Twitter

Spoken Words & Thoughts on WordPress

Spoken Words & Thoughts on Wordpress

Magic Always,

Mr. “Never give up your natural & instinctive approach to life” TramueL

The Terrifying Acceleration of Interpersonal Communications Will Uglify All Hope for Human Psyche III

shapeimage_4 I had to break away for a minute, my last four or five post have been all emo and I’m a man. That’s right “ladies look at your man, now back at me, sadly he is not me” … I will now return to burping, passing gas, scratching, lying and drinking beer.


Self Proclaimed “… the most powerful bittorrent app on earth”

From Vuze: “Vuze is the most powerful bittorrent software application to Find, Download, and Play HD video content on the Web. With the latest release, you get powerful new search capabilities, along with the ability to play your HD videos on PC, Mac, iPhone, iPod, Apple TV, Xbox 360, PS3, PSP, and Tivo. Our award-winning P2P bittorrent technology enables users to quickly and easily download HD video with a single click.”

The player is incredible with lightning fast downloads … if you choose to download copyrighted material be sure to use “neighbornet” just in case they track your ip address.



Quite simple this is show and tell visual messaging.

From Pixtell: “Pixetell is all-in-one video messaging and collaboration software that lets you quickly add voice, screen recordings, webcam, and video to email or electronic documents. Video messages are shared through secure private delivery or exported to social media platforms such as YouTube and Facebook with the click of a button.”



I’ve already proclaimed my undying love for Windows Live Writer and you already know I started Blogging using Posterous. I haven’t let it go and use it primarily for quick post about nothing but yet everything. By default Windows Live writer doesn't allow publishing directly to, however, using the writerous plugin you can enable this feature. It’s already dead simple to use posterous, but this allows you to step your game up. Addicted to Posterous? Here you go.


Microsoft Outlook {Social Media} Plugins


You already use Outlook to manage your contacts, calendar, and e-mail. Twinbox is a free plug-in that adds a Twitter toolbar in Outlook. A click of the toolbar is all it takes to send out your own update, send a direct message, reply to a message, or (re)tweet something. Twinbox cleverly auto-shortens long URLs via TinyURL, it also shows you a preview of new tweets as they arrive, which saves you having to switch to the tweets folder every time you want to check for updates.


Outlook Social Connector

“Click on a contact’s name to see email and attachments he or she has sent you, meetings you have attended together, and their activities in social networks. You can also send this contact a request to become your connection in popular social networks.”

Social Connector

Harm None,

Mr. “The only person to ever ace a Rorschach Test” TramueL

Subliminal Tweet(s), Insider(s) Status Updates

Mr.TramueL’s observation of #SubTweet and {Insiders} Facebook status updates.

I’ve learned and there will be no more social-media beef (recall) for me, whilst I was alone in my room stirring at the wall, in the back of my mind I heard my conscious call … it was about firing subliminal shots on Twitter and Facebook, at least that is what the folk tweeting and updating their status would like to believe.

Subliminal defined:

1. Below the threshold of conscious perception. Used of stimuli.

2. (Psychology) (of stimuli) less than the minimum intensity or duration required to elicit a response

They said: “Mr.TramueL what does the meaning really mean?” I said: “I know right?” “Webster be tripp’n, on some next level subliminal definitions” … it means that the messages are presented in a way that their chance of perception is less than fifty percent.

This is an impromptu post for two reasons (1) Yvette called at 1:20 a.m. to catch up and also to ask if my previous post was in reference to her. I responded “I would never write about someone I thought would ever read it.” Blank Stare. Wink.Wink. *Girl you know it wasn’t about you!* (2) I was going to tweet {because now I’m wide awake & she is now sleep, five minutes later no doubt} a covert tweet that only I & Yvette would know what it meant how hilarious I am, but Yvette isn’t on Twitter and would never see it.

The point.

Of shots fired

You’re so vain, certainly it isn’t always about you – except for the times it is. And those times, both you and the party who sent it knows it is, or you are the party who sent it and knows the person you are referring to knows what your intent is. So it’s not really subliminal but more covert “not openly defined”

Covert tweets & updates make for good jokes to strangers, may garner you twenty thumbs on Facebook, may even be a way for you to get a few things off your chest but it can also hurt the folk you care most about. Social media can be an outlet for you to be your best or a mask for you to be your worse. Drop the mask.

Radiant Silence,

Mr. “I was going to finish one of the twenty post in my draft folder, but got so tickled with myself at 1:30 a.m. that I pen(ed) this instead” TramueL

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  Written & Illustrated By Lena Hopkins-Jackson

* DISCLAIMER: This one will not be in "Rolling Out" this week. It's a tad too racy I guess ( pun intended). Either way

I'm sharing it and though I created this in the spirit of humor, there's truth in jest sooooooooooo here are the.....


          10. Terminate it…..( James Cameron style )

       Create a cyborg-terminator from "SKYNET" (,The Black-operated division)

to travel back several hundred years into the past and ‘eliminate’ the dumb-@ss, non-pronouncing slave trader strolling along the river NIGER who started this mess in the 1st d@mn place!



9. Send it out to Crystal Lake and let Jason have at it……….

 We can all agree that the “N-Word” is the ‘Asian-hair supply store’ of racial epithets: It’s EVERYWHERE and much like Jason, just won’t die! So who better than “Mister-crazy-hockey-mask-killer”  himself  to do away with it once and for all….Jason can stab it, axe it, burn it alive.. Whatever, just KILL IT so it will never come back! ...and while we’re it, let’s throw “Keeping It Real” under the bus too, that phrase NEEDS to die...seriously.


8. Create a “It’s-Okay-To-Say-N@gger”  Day……

 For an ENTIRE 24 hours Caucasions can get this word they’re just ITCHING to say out of their systems for good….AND Black people are NOT allowed to ‘retaliate’ at all! (Yup, those are the  rules!) From normally, mild-mannered corporate bankers to Fox-News staff, White folks will be drunk with euphoria and screaming it to the top of their lungs… um, that is until midnight and after that it’s every Biff and Buffy to fend for themselves ( God help 'em’) I’m guessing Black folks will be so tired of hearing it , this will finally do the trick…..except in  perhaps Compton, where the N-Word and jherri curls flow more fluently than water….still.




7. Hire Justin Beiber and Hannah-Montana to sing a duet about it…..

   Dude....Ya’ just gotta’ love that Beiber Kid and Miley  Cyrus is the new Britney, minus the side-order of crazy!

So here’s my modest proposal: we have these two little," white-bread wonders"create a chart-topping song about “The N-Word” to be played ‘ad nauseum’ on every radio station and in between every commercial on Nickelodeon! Eventually every kid in America will be so SICK of hearing it there will be an anti-N-word backlash so huge, that  no one will be caught dead saying it for fear of appearing ‘un-cool’.



6. Create an episode of “The Boondocks” about it.

Here’s something ground-breaking: Characters gratuitously call each other the “N-word” in hopes of showing Black people how truly self-loathsome and….WAIT, hold-up...( *pauses to read memo*)…my bad, that idea has actually INCREASED the acceptance of the word….uh, never mind….. NEXT!


5. Film a new, Spike Lee joint : “Mo-Bettah’ Uses For You-sez' Than The “N-Word’….....Fever”

   In Spike’s well-loved & unique style;actors would speak directly into the camera about how wack the “N-Word” is, followed by typical ‘Spike-isms’ such as pulling actors on that weird, slow-moving crane and dream-sequences with the ‘art-house’ camera angles of how THEY would handle Black folks too “Bamboozled” to stop using the word … one of which would be to give them a ‘hundred headaches’.. ya’ d@mn skippy! *Sound track by Public Enemy (minus “Flava-Flave” for obvious reasons)




4. Have Oprah do a show about it:

Special guests could include: Mel Gibson, Dr. Laura Schlesinger, Michael Richards and surviving members of the third Reich discussing why the term means so much to them. Dr. Oz can even come on and explain why the “N-word” is sooooo unhealthy for our bodies to use, then Dr. Phil can come scream at all of them about how their racist reputations are killing their careers and “How’s that working for ya’?” followed by Oprah herself banning the word forever…or else! (And we don’t want to find out what “or else” means, do we now...Arsenio?)


3.  Ask Beyonce` to do a public service announcement campaign against it on all the major networks and cable channels………

 It’ll be like a televised game of “Simon-Says” but with much higher stakes! Everybody knows Beyonce`and her magical, mechanical hand can do ANYTHING and if she’ll throw in a half-nekkid performance of her “Uh-Ohh--Uh-Ohh” dance while condemning the word….I think she’ll have the nation’s  FULL attention…..okay, at least half the nation anyway.



2. Have President Obama tax it :

 Put a $100 fine on anyone saying the word in public from here on out and we could probably pay off the national debt by “New Years Eve” ( by Christmas if someone can bug the central offices of Glenn Beck and Sarah Palin )


..and the number one way to ‘KILL’ the “N-word” once and for all is to ( drum roll please)…..



1. Just stop saying it and take the power out of it…seriously.

 It’s a bastard word that’s been embraced for far too long: ignorantly created by some racist Whites to keep our ancestors in check,...THEN twisted around and re-claimed by Blacks for survival so they could endure the pain inflicted by it ( Among other atrocities) to rob us of our humanity! Now it’s the big, BLACK elephant in the room that everyone’s too scared to shoot and take out of it's misery. Even though it’s never cool for Whites to use it…Black folks NEED to stop saying it as well. Sure, it won’t happen overnight but if Blacks survived the middle passage, killing one stupid word can be done………um, can’t it?


....your thoughts please.



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