He Said, She Said ... Modern Day Virgo's

The SetUp: “She” ~ Our connection is non romantic, there is no attraction even though “she” is highly attractive.  I want to preface my next statement by writing that no one has been inside my home since I’ve moved, with the exception of my kids. All of that to say that it is not common for me to ask someone to come over unless they plan on coming'. “She” stopped by briefly to pick up her machine, I installed some software and set up DNS settings for her to use Google Apps with her domain. Wait, that reads funny, I see the words ... but in my head it translates as technical code for sex. "I inserted my software into her hard drive & updated her virtual memory."

The Breakdown: “She” and I  communicate(d) in small burst via sms or very short phone conversations, my incessant need to make small talk to avoid dead air led to small discoveries about her personality, as I’m sure she was able to make small discoveries about me. Our most common theme: Astrology, naturally this leads to the question … “What’s your sign?” I have no doubt that after I informed her that I was born on the Cusp of  Virgo & Libra that she raced home to learn all she could about the incredible Virgo man or maybe she had previous experiences to draw on. Get like us.

In an effort to keep these “He said, She Said” post short, here are her first words after she entered. I felt conflicted, then amused. Insulted, then complimented ... I think.

“It’s extremely rare to find a stereotypical nit-picky, exacting, "clean freak" in modern-day Virgos.”

~ She