The Terrifying Acceleration of Interpersonal Communications Will Uglify All Hope for Human Psyche IV

meezAnimatedBodyshot300x400meezAnimatedBodyshot300x400(1) Conversations via Technology VS Conversations via Phone

♬ People don’t talk no more ♫ all they do is this ♪ all they do is this …

Textersations, e-mails, blog posts and social media sites are the new Moto M900’s.

I know smart people and they will argue that a phone could be considered technology. Sit ya’ll smart asses down. Ya’ll make me cuss. Please ASSume that I’m referring to traditional vs written.

Conversations are interactive, extemporaneous exchanges of thoughts and feelings between folk(s). Mr.TramueL is neither a proponent or opponent for either; the pros can be cons, cons can be pros. Science is true, don’t be misled by facts.


Multiplicity of conversation(s): Emailing your co-worker, on g-chat with your boo, texting your ex, messenger with your sweetie, Tweet’s about the cold sore on your lip, photo’s on Facebook of your freshly painted toe(s). Ya’ll already know how I feel about feet. Ladies, inbox me!

Spontaneous: With respect to Twitter, Facebook, BBM & now LiveProfile, depending on the number of friends or followers your conversational partners are endless. Smashing random folk through tech is a lot safer than smashing random folk in real life. Tech responsibly my friends.

Rules: Don’t apply. They are contextual, they apply in certain situations and not in others. I’m … my age isn’t important, but I won’t curse in front of my mom but I can text the F word while she is sitting right next to me.


Protect Privacy: Mr.TramueL has recently become green, while trying to save some green I’ve become a frequent rider of CATS, no not that! Ya’ll are so nasty! Charlotte Area Transit Authority & nothing is more important than the ability to move a conversation to a private area. I mean not everyone needs to know the result of your stool sample.

Structure: A beginning, middle and an end. Have you ever had a conversation on a Social Media site were you respond and eagerly await a reply to your rather witty response? How did that make you feel? Sad, I know. No words hurt, abrupt departures can hurt. While using the phone, unless you are using an iPhone on A T & T-Mobile & your call is dropped, there is usually a formal close to spare your fragile ego.

Engagement: You can not detect mood, tone or inflection through technology.Voicetime allows you to demonstrate understanding. It also allows you to maintain coherence. You know what I’m talking about, we all have that friend that rambles on with messages all over the place while texting, communication should be relevant to the previous message. If you don’t know what I’m talking about, that friend is you.

What ya’ll got? Any pros or cons to Teching VS Calling?

Mr. “These are my fingers, this is my phone … I use these for pleasure, I use this for fun” TramueL

Oh! Introducing my new closing, shout out to September ‘cause I stole it from her …

I love Blogging you!


Conversations About Those With An S on Their Chest

Superman-256 You lookin' for an answer ♫ Searchin' for somethin' better ♪ You don't have to look further ♬  I'll put you back together ♫ Got that S on my chest ♪ Now you don't have to stress ♬ I'll fly ya away …  ♫        

"Oh Lisa's calling cuz she wants some sweet midnight chit chat" ... 

The Intro

Waiting for Superman provides an inconvenient truth that exposes the inadequacies of the public education system.  The documentary should be taken as an opportunity to open up important dialogue about our future, your children(s) future and hopefully spark a thought, a thought that will ignite a fire, a fire that causes us to leap into action.

Put an S on ya’ chest.

The Outro

I know you have seen, heard or witnessed me and my {in}famous saying “I need a she” … Lisa challenged dared me to write about it. She has transformed my thought process. No longer am I searching for a “she” I am now seeking a Superhero, one with ample bust girth to affix an S on her chest and can do this …

♬ I can leap hills and bounds ♫ I can move a mountain ♪ I can carry us over ♬ Put your hurt on my shoulder♫ I'm no woman I'm steel ♪ My love gives strength to heal ♬ Let me rescue you baby♫ Let me save the day ♪


Mr.TramueL’s Corollary: Don’t hold back, great things are possible. Give yourself to the experience.

Mr. “Obey.Love.Serve.Excel!” TramueL

He Said, She Said ... Modern Day Virgo's

The SetUp: “She” ~ Our connection is non romantic, there is no attraction even though “she” is highly attractive.  I want to preface my next statement by writing that no one has been inside my home since I’ve moved, with the exception of my kids. All of that to say that it is not common for me to ask someone to come over unless they plan on coming'. “She” stopped by briefly to pick up her machine, I installed some software and set up DNS settings for her to use Google Apps with her domain. Wait, that reads funny, I see the words ... but in my head it translates as technical code for sex. "I inserted my software into her hard drive & updated her virtual memory."

The Breakdown: “She” and I  communicate(d) in small burst via sms or very short phone conversations, my incessant need to make small talk to avoid dead air led to small discoveries about her personality, as I’m sure she was able to make small discoveries about me. Our most common theme: Astrology, naturally this leads to the question … “What’s your sign?” I have no doubt that after I informed her that I was born on the Cusp of  Virgo & Libra that she raced home to learn all she could about the incredible Virgo man or maybe she had previous experiences to draw on. Get like us.

In an effort to keep these “He said, She Said” post short, here are her first words after she entered. I felt conflicted, then amused. Insulted, then complimented ... I think.

“It’s extremely rare to find a stereotypical nit-picky, exacting, "clean freak" in modern-day Virgos.”

~ She

Heavy Verbal Traffic


Between my kids, their mother, my mom & sisters not a lot of time is spent on the phone or talking. The terrifying acceleration of interpersonal communications is uglifying the hope for human psyche ... so I text, e-mail & you know {Insert all & any other social media tools for communicating} There is on occasion where you get a call, for me it's normally someone needing to dump. I love the opportunity for a good conversation but sometimes I have to find a quiet place inside & sharpen my sleeping listening skills.


Make a greater effort to be understood, put down the phone & send me a text or go fall off a cliff so you'll have some new stuff to talk about.


I'm sure to take notes on all of your talking points! As a matter of fact ... let me write that down in my things I don't give a eff' about notebook



Thinking outside the box <--- It's 2011 no one says this anymore & what the eff' did this even mean.


At the end of the day <--- If I hear another person say this phrase I'm gonna pull navel lint out of your belly button with a sharp pointed object.


The labor pains <--- Show me the baby.


Harm None,



Smooth Criminal

Water cooler talk:  The Weather, The Weekend, Father’s Day, Beautiful Women, Children, The Lottery …

Them: “Money can’t make you happy”

Me: “I just want the chance to prove that theory wrong.” I’m just playing, unless I win.

The conversation progresses past my need to be witty, I was trying to hide the fact that I haven’t acquired a taste for this person.

Them: “What would you do with all of that money?”

Me: “Educate myself, travel, take care of my family & do God’s work.”

Deep bows, I’m sorry but I wanted to pull them in. The reason I may have not acquired a taste for this person is because of a recent conversation about “safety” “hood terms” “myths” & “stereotypes.”

*1…2…3…Break* I’m fitna’ {ATL shawty!} get in trouble because I’ve been labeled as “aggressive” {not their word but the best way to describe it} by someone I “Four Letter Word Beginning In L and Ending In E” this is someone who’s approval I desperately seek but seem to vex with some of my observations.

*Blue 21, Blue 21, Hut, Hut, Hut* I’m not an activist, but I am aware of my environment and the effect that it has on me, you, us. Today I coin the phrase “Observationalist” – To make aware and influence by the thoughts and ideas based on social, economic and cultural background. Now … Hip somebody else.

Of Safety, Hood Terms, Myths & Stereotypes

In an effort to not be “that guy” the person with whom I haven’t acquired a taste for tried to assimilate and associate with the masses by speaking negatively of & on what folk perceive as poor neighborhoods. Having lived in most of the neighborhoods in question I felt it was only right to be “that guy” and educate. “They either don’t show, don’t know or don’t care about what’s going on in the hood.”

“Those neighborhoods” … yeah they care about property values too. Yeah they care about their community too, yeah they care about empowerment too, yeah they care about opportunities for youth too. *Fast Forward one of their comments was about criminals, criminal activity, to which I sarcastically responded crime effects everyone and no community is immune from it, but I digress … the point in one of my teaching moments was that folk return from jail and are treated unfairly, we take away their right to vote, deny them housing and discriminate against them with regards to employment.

The wrap up: (1) What I would do with the money? Work with the city, county, Sherriff’s department to break the cycle for offenders. Develop youth programs, mentoring programs and scholarships. They gotta eat or they might hit someone over the head. God’s work? (2) Interestingly enough I told the person with whom I haven’t acquired a tatse for that they were criminals, we are all criminals, we have never gotten caught. What if you got caught smoking that ooooo weeee! you serve your time, get released but you couldn’t rent an apartment, you weren't able to vote, and you lost your dream job working the frosty machine at Wendy’s?

Man this is long! I’m freestyling ‘cause I’m at work.

Translation: 8 Weeks of training.

Translation: Google Reader ‘cause they block me from tweet’n and you know how much I love Twitter! Shout out Ms.Nikks! Shout out Buzz Can Tweet!

Oddly enough look what I found a day after the mis-education of someone I haven’t acquired a taste for "I'm a criminal and so are you"

Live Well,

Mr. "That Guy" TramueL