Discovery Place



Informing, challenging, engaging.

Discovery Place, Inc. is a private 501©(3) not-for-profit education organization dedicated to inspiring exploration of the natural and social world through extraordinary exhibits and educational programs that inform, challenge and engage audiences of all ages. Discovery Place, Inc. operates Discovery Place, Charlotte Nature Museum and Discovery Place KIDS.

On August 13, 2011 JD: 2455786.562500 it was hot, uncomfortably hot, too hot to be outside, Oh, did I mention it was hot? I normally run the kids ragged on Saturday so that they have no problem being in when we get in. Enter Discovery Place, allows me to run em’ without burning em’. LMT hadn’t been since he was a small child, I don’t believe he remembers but allow him to tell it and it was everything. Every. Thing. This guy.

The Visitor’s Guide / Map Key for Level 2 provides us with a guide for just that, discovery.

Cool Stuff

Explore why things do the things they do”

In this highly technical world we live in, take time out to ask why? & how? Find out what 3G means, find out about api’s and how wi-fi works. Take a photography class; learn how your camera works. We’ve invested in things, we should invest in educating ourselves on how things work or the terrifying acceleration of interpersonal communications will uglify all hope for human psyche.


“Life is a photographic journey celebrating Earth from its earliest beginnings to its present day diversity”

This context references pictures; pictures tell a story, documents moments in time. Most of my FB friends are from my hometown and we’ve come Up from grade to high school. I always laugh when someone scans and uploads a throwback picture of me. It takes me back to an incredible time in our lives. Make sure you are taking pictures of those you love and care about, not just people of Wal-Mart.  

Project Build

“Through building challenges, understand how context, function and aesthetics play a role in what we construct in the world around us.”

I’m reminded of vocation and legacy when I read the last few words of the quoted text “what we construct in the world around us” … how will the work we’ve done be viewed? What will we leave behind? Take time to understand how the life we’ve built for ourselves and how the work we do corresponds with our legacy.


“Get an inside look at the plethora of bacteria, microbes and parasites that live in and on the human body. Understand the unseen world of your own body and all that lives there.”

This context refers to bacteria, microbes and parasites around the human body, we can associate all of these with deterrents in our lives. Who are them? … Folks that add no value to our lives. Understand your real life circles, followers, friends and ‘family’; immediate and extended should “inform, challenge and engage” you mentally, spiritually and physically. Weed out the bacteria in your life.

Think it Up

“Through activities that require innovative behaviors, guests are engaged in creative exploration and problem solving”

Create ways to keep all of your relationships renewed; God, Love, Family and Vocation. Don’t be afraid to explore new passions and pursue them. Think it Up. Word.

This day was a good day.

I Am … an eternal student