15 Minute Freestyle
15 Minute Freestyle

Of Motivation

I’ve figured out why I feel some kinda’ way every time I see someone retweet, update their status or quote a quote from some famous or infamous person. It goes deeper than my standard fuck a quote, tell me what you know. I believe that folks [Raises both hands] myself included rely too much on words, knowledge and motivation opposed to actually doing  something. Live truth instead of professing it.

Of Social Media

I subscribe to too many social sites. The latest are Google+, Percolate and Get Glue. My Google reader is too full to manage. I’ve been writing about closing Facebook For. Ever. Yet, I continue to except friend request, I easily have over 800 “friends” and actually interact with about 25 of them. I quit, well in another few months or so.

Of Love

I’ve loved myself long enough, I’m ready to show love and be in love with someone else. Wait, that may be lust. Folks inspiring me and thangs’. You may disagree with this but science is true don’t be misled by facts. When women talk about love it’s about an idea, when men talk about love it’s about the woman they love. Let it marinate. [Post forthcoming] If love is blind, lust has 20/20.

Of Quick Wit

At some point we’ve all remarked “I wish I would have said that!” or wished we would have reacted a different way. I’ve been pretty quick wit’ it [Double Entendre, don’t even ask me how] lately. On a bus ride home ... I carry a saddle bag and some nice person tried to clown me by saying “I wonder where his horse is” and made a horse noise. [Ya’ll better not be laughing.] I turned around and this nice person was sitting in two seats looking like a beached whale & I responded “it’s always those with low self esteem that attempt to bring others down to bring themselves up, you don’t have to disrespect me to get respect” [That was rated g and not exactly how I worded it but it is the same message] Prior to that I enlightened someone at my part-time job. I’m now curtailing my wish to include discernment. No more wasted energy on people who add no value to my life.

Of Racism

It’s real. It exists.

I Am … Mr.TramueL