October Observation #7

Life Lessons

Things can’t be pleasant all the time. 

Trouble can be a teacher in disguise.  

What you need may not be what you want. 

Unrelated to the lessons above

— on Friday we had a “rough walk through” at All Things TramueL II (it was pointless but that’s another blog post) standing on the main level looking up to the second, my gaze extended further;

I looked all the way up.

I hadn’t done this previously so the moment was significant to me, it was freeing and abstracting. 

Related to the lessons above

— I’m reminded to look up, all the way up.  

Look to the sky.   

It won’t solve your problems, but it is important as it helps you to remember that you and your problems are both infinitesimally small.

Light, the pinnacle of all God’s designs.