October Observation #6

To Me Language

I take stock in what is off putting for me when conversing with others. Having that awareness keeps me honest about what and how I communicate. Excluding family, close friends, and living souls I Am comfortable around, those people whom I consider family but ain’t blood  — because we are who we are around them.

However it be’ the other people; the chaos creator on the bus, in the coffee shop or the tone deaf Twitter user or an annoying co-worker. I become irritated by their tone, their actions, their words and words have power and we can give them meaning or return that meaning to them by choice.


Because I be’ meditating and all aware and shit, I will regularly use “to-me” language as in “they are annoying af to me” ...reminding myself of the self-locality of my views, beliefs, assumptions, and conclusions, and to also explicitly affirm the rights of others to hold their own.

Just because I Am aware, doesn’t mean I care.