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Let Your Life Speak, Listening for the Voice of Vocation

Rosa Parks took her stand with clarity and courage. I took mine by diversion and default. Some journeys are direct, and some are circuitous; some are heroic, and some are fearful and muddled. But every journey, honestly undertaken, stands a chance of taking us toward the place where our deep gladness meets the world’s deep need.
— Parker J. Palmer

Major Key

Major Key

A few weeks ago Mrs. TramueL closed on a commercial real estate loan. 

♫ My wife's Michelle, I brag different. 

'Til You Own Your Own You Can't Be Free

Less a two year layoff, I've been with my employer for 14 years (continuos service) and although I enjoy what I'm currently doing there is a loss of freedom; policy manuals filled with nonsensical rules and regulations. How to dress, talk and move. It seems silly but truly the only policy anyone needs is "Be smart. Be nice. Do what you love. Have fun."

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