Major Key

Major Key

A few weeks ago Mrs. TramueL closed on a commercial real estate loan. 

♫ My wife's Michelle, I brag different. 

'Til You Own Your Own You Can't Be Free

Less a two year layoff, I've been with my employer for 14 years (continuos service) and although I enjoy what I'm currently doing there is a loss of freedom; policy manuals filled with nonsensical rules and regulations. How to dress, talk and move. It seems silly but truly the only policy anyone needs is "Be smart. Be nice. Do what you love. Have fun."

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Ego Formation

Ego Formation

According to Freud, our self-concept (our sense of ourselves, including our confidence, our pride, and our sense of attractiveness to others) stems from three sources:

  • The residue of our original primary narcissism, which never fully disappears.
  • Our fulfillment of the imagined expectations of our ideal ego [Example] Our sense of being virtuous.
  • Finally, the satisfaction we get when our love is returned to us.

Mr. TramueL's corollary; people need love, to be seen, heard, and understood.

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Starting Weight: 322

Current Weight: 238

Target Weight: 225

One of my fitness applications asks “What is your motivation?” Outside of the obvious; looking good naked, health and vitality, I would say quality of life.

One of my goals for two thousand fourteen (Better Thinking) has been getting everyone onboard with living healthier. Eating went from zero to a hundred real quick, getting everyone to move (physically) has been less than. Excuses hold others back; time and energy man, time and energy.

I have full-time, part-time and side-time hustles, however I've dedicated myself to making time to Run. Lift. Crunch. everyday. Don't get bogged down in work, school and responsibilities. I have more energy, more focus and better quality of life because of not in-spite of 

“When we do more, we can do more.”