The Number Won

I grew up across the street from a full service park that featured a recreation center. My exposure to sports and competition starts there. While most of my friends participated in sand lot football and basketball my play, from a team perspective, did not begin until junior high where I played football and ran track. I was a pretty good basketball player too as I made the junior-varsity team in high-school. I wasn't a superstar but I excelled at anything I attempted. In some ways I was uncomfortable in the limelight, content living in the background, as long as I felt useful and appreciated.


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Mind - That which is responsible for one's thoughts and feelings.

Diva - A woman who is not afraid to step out of her comfort zone and push her limits to do something different; with confidence, attitude, and moxie.

The definitions above are synonymous with the post you’ll find on her Blog. Here is a sampling of her latest post …

“… Even though I know this about valuing what is given to you, it hasn’t made waiting on anything easier. It has only given an explanation to it that I can respect. Maybe this will help someone deal with the anxiety that comes with being patient, but I still have a way to go.”  - Give it Time

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