Saturday Shout Out! … Up 4 Discussion

up4d The purpose of Up 4 Discussion is to allow ALL readers the opportunity to Speak Up & voice their thoughts, feelings, and opinions on various important topics that are rarely discussed openly and/or publicly.”

It’s Me … Mr.TramueL! Welcome to another Shout Out Saturday, this week I’m featuring the man behind the movement. J’Sin’s sparkling thought, allows each of us to cultivate personal as well as social awareness …


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No doubt the blog gets the discussion jumping, the purpose stated above does just what it says … allows the readers to examine the topic, comment & explore solutions via an informal debate. My personal favorites are highlighted below, visit the Blog to discover yours!

Battle With Temptation



Up 4 Discussion recently added Video to the arsenal, now your speakers can go hammer … bringing the discussion to you. Visit the official YouTube channel!

"Do Women Really Know What They Want in a Man?" ... Find out


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Mind - That which is responsible for one's thoughts and feelings.

Diva - A woman who is not afraid to step out of her comfort zone and push her limits to do something different; with confidence, attitude, and moxie.

The definitions above are synonymous with the post you’ll find on her Blog. Here is a sampling of her latest post …

“… Even though I know this about valuing what is given to you, it hasn’t made waiting on anything easier. It has only given an explanation to it that I can respect. Maybe this will help someone deal with the anxiety that comes with being patient, but I still have a way to go.”  - Give it Time

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Saturday Shout out! … 25Champ

Megaphone Grounded Skill & Feeling.

This is my opportunity to “shout out” a member of the Blog family. The above statement rings true when you read the post(s) on Champ’s Blog. I also follow him on Twitter & it’s evident in his Tweets too.

Here is a snippet of his latest offering …

Live Your Life For you: Understanding Ethical Relativism

“I’m 30yrs old now and I’d have to say that I pretty much know what’s best for me by now.”

“I’m not implying that I know everything, but I’ll judge be the judge of me and you be the judge of you.”

“I have absolutely no right to judge your beliefs and you have no right to judge mine.”

“What’s the point!”

“All beliefs and ethics are “relative” anyway!” …

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