Conversations About Those With An S on Their Chest

Superman-256 You lookin' for an answer ♫ Searchin' for somethin' better ♪ You don't have to look further ♬  I'll put you back together ♫ Got that S on my chest ♪ Now you don't have to stress ♬ I'll fly ya away …  ♫        

"Oh Lisa's calling cuz she wants some sweet midnight chit chat" ... 

The Intro

Waiting for Superman provides an inconvenient truth that exposes the inadequacies of the public education system.  The documentary should be taken as an opportunity to open up important dialogue about our future, your children(s) future and hopefully spark a thought, a thought that will ignite a fire, a fire that causes us to leap into action.

Put an S on ya’ chest.

The Outro

I know you have seen, heard or witnessed me and my {in}famous saying “I need a she” … Lisa challenged dared me to write about it. She has transformed my thought process. No longer am I searching for a “she” I am now seeking a Superhero, one with ample bust girth to affix an S on her chest and can do this …

♬ I can leap hills and bounds ♫ I can move a mountain ♪ I can carry us over ♬ Put your hurt on my shoulder♫ I'm no woman I'm steel ♪ My love gives strength to heal ♬ Let me rescue you baby♫ Let me save the day ♪


Mr.TramueL’s Corollary: Don’t hold back, great things are possible. Give yourself to the experience.

Mr. “Obey.Love.Serve.Excel!” TramueL

What I’ve Been Doing To Improve My Mind Body & Soul



We worry & stress ourselves to death over things that we can not control. Don’t hang on to past hurts, emotional sufferings & self-defeating behaviors. Learn to let go.

Take Action

There is more to life than just hard work. Find your passion and go after it.


The Bible. “You can accomplish more in an hour with God than one lifetime without Him.” Just like studying for school, you have to engage in what you are reading. Mrs. Wingo my High School Latin teacher used to tell me the best way to learn something was to practice it. Solvo, captus factum quod studying vox of Deus.

To practice what we learn from the Bible is to live truth instead of professing it. I’m still transforming, eternal student.


Right now it’s more like walk|run{ing} but I’ll get there. Advice from experienced runners that I’m following: 1Run slowly, my body has to get used to the action of running. 2Increase the incline on the treadmill {or run uphill if outside}, it strengthens your cardio-vascular fitness. Additionally, it’s easy on my knees and joints because the ground rises up to meet me.

Get like me, but do you to improve your mind, body & soul.