What I’ve Been Doing To Improve My Mind Body & Soul



We worry & stress ourselves to death over things that we can not control. Don’t hang on to past hurts, emotional sufferings & self-defeating behaviors. Learn to let go.

Take Action

There is more to life than just hard work. Find your passion and go after it.


The Bible. “You can accomplish more in an hour with God than one lifetime without Him.” Just like studying for school, you have to engage in what you are reading. Mrs. Wingo my High School Latin teacher used to tell me the best way to learn something was to practice it. Solvo, captus factum quod studying vox of Deus.

To practice what we learn from the Bible is to live truth instead of professing it. I’m still transforming, eternal student.


Right now it’s more like walk|run{ing} but I’ll get there. Advice from experienced runners that I’m following: 1Run slowly, my body has to get used to the action of running. 2Increase the incline on the treadmill {or run uphill if outside}, it strengthens your cardio-vascular fitness. Additionally, it’s easy on my knees and joints because the ground rises up to meet me.

Get like me, but do you to improve your mind, body & soul.


No Shade

shade_tree_on_the_beach_4069 Literally

I attended a beautiful wedding on Sunday July 4th, 2010 at Bernard's Landing over looking Smith Mountain Lake. The set up was beautiful; imagine a clear field of rolling, green grass, your eyes stop just where the grass meets the sand and right before the cool inviting water. Rows of white chairs in the foreground each with their own very unique guest. A small alter provided sensible elegance. The temperature stayed around 97 degrees and the skies were clear. Did you read that? I wrote 97 degrees, open field, sun bearing down on us. No Shade.


The wedding was for a couple with whom I attended high-school, I wasn’t invited directly but went as a “plus one” for a friend that needed an arm piece *I clean up real nice* The majority of the guest in attendance were former classmates that I haven’t seen in years. Years. There were folk representing four years up and four years down from my graduating class. It has been my experience over the years that when I run into folk from school they seem to hold onto claiming attitudes and memories of yesteryear “Play Acting” … Sunday was rather proud of itself, it recognized that a smug attitude antagonizes those around you.

No Shade.

The conversations were light-hearted and genuine. Ego’s were dropped, expectations were dropped, everyone was relaxed and allowed things to happen. Great food, great atmosphere, great music, great drink … Great time. Congratulations to the happy couple! and thank you for allowing me to share in the celebration of your love and commitment.

Magic Always,

LOVE is a serious mental disease - Plato

Mr. “I'm okay with being Mental” TramueL