Heavy Verbal Traffic


Between my kids, their mother, my mom & sisters not a lot of time is spent on the phone or talking. The terrifying acceleration of interpersonal communications is uglifying the hope for human psyche ... so I text, e-mail & you know {Insert all & any other social media tools for communicating} There is on occasion where you get a call, for me it's normally someone needing to dump. I love the opportunity for a good conversation but sometimes I have to find a quiet place inside & sharpen my sleeping listening skills.


Make a greater effort to be understood, put down the phone & send me a text or go fall off a cliff so you'll have some new stuff to talk about.


I'm sure to take notes on all of your talking points! As a matter of fact ... let me write that down in my things I don't give a eff' about notebook



Thinking outside the box <--- It's 2011 no one says this anymore & what the eff' did this even mean.


At the end of the day <--- If I hear another person say this phrase I'm gonna pull navel lint out of your belly button with a sharp pointed object.


The labor pains <--- Show me the baby.


Harm None,