Wednesday Musings and What’s on My Mind Right Now

Wednesday Musings and What’s on My Mind Right Now

I Am participating in a 30 Day Affirmation Challenge and Day 15 stands out. As I’ve listened to others discuss ‘love’ in their relationship circles; friendship, marriage, work, and family. It is true, love can be stronger than power and inspire envy. But, Day 15 …

 I believe those I love, love me.

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I’ve loved myself long enough, I’m ready to show love and be in love with someone else. Wait, that may be lust. Folks inspiring me and thangs’. You may disagree with this but science is true don’t be misled by facts. When women talk about love it’s about an idea, when men talk about love it’s about the woman they love. Let it marinate. [Post forthcoming] If love is blind, lust has 20/20.


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The Week of Depth

The Week of Depth

A reprise toFour Letter Words Beginning With L

Of Loss

A wife lost her husband, children lost their father & a grandfather, a church lost a member, co-workers lost a friend and a community lost a steward. Mastering fear & anxiety, I’ve learned how to respond to death by being open, honest and sincere. Don’t suppress affection, tell others how you feel constantly and show them often.

Rest in peace Frank, you will be missed.

Of Life

Filtering out negative and pessimistic emotions lead you to positive thinking; more options and possibilities exist.

Of Lust

I went dancing, we had a great time but we will not become permanent partners. I think it was something we both needed.

“Sex is fire, Celibacy is water … both can purify”

My truth? Afterwards the void was still there, there is nothing like dancing with someone you absolutely adore, cherish and four letter word beginning with L and ending in E.

Of Love

I’m open.

Mr. “Be Responsible But Don’t Forget To Dream” TramueL

Destroy & Rebuild VS Build From The Ground Up


Destroy: To render ineffective or useless; nullify; neutralize; invalidate.

Rebuild: To re:place, re:strengthen, or re:inforce.

With excitement and enthusiasm we all look to conquer the task at hand. Whether it is something in our personal lives; weight loss, repainting our bedrooms, rebuilding our relationships {Immediate & Extended} or the eco system surrounding our lives; education reform, neighborhood revitalization, green living, alternative fuel and even more specific for me, world domination. We are ultimately faced with a challenge and it can be summed up with one word ... bureaucracy.

The amount of work might be the same, however bureaucracy makes both sides of the "VS" equal. Science.

Science is true, don't be mislead by facts.  

Mr. "Just because you are paranoid doesn't mean they are NOT out to get you" TramueL

Rhythm Less Nation

operabirds0 5 4 3 2 1 … I’m In Control

Control – is the ability to purposefully direct, or suppress, change.

Labor Pains (Rambling from the epidural)

As always my post are sponsored by random observations about nothing, yet everything. As I planned my return to the Blogosphere (still not ready) however part of my resolve for Two Thousand One One is to tackle procrastination & my fear of commitment. I’ve committed to posting once a week and I stated that I would return in February, so here I am. Procrastination (check), Commitment (check). Win. Win.

Any who, I thought about my Blog and the content of said Blog. I’ve observed that I tend to shy away from politics, current events and dating. I’ve found that if someone makes three consecutive guesses with respect to any of these they become an expert. I refuse to have conversations about any of these unless it’s with a Professor of Political Science, Economics, Anthropology or Halle Berry naked. Judge me.

Conversation, n. - A fair to the display of the minor mental commodities, each exhibitor being too intent upon the arrangement of his own wares to observe those of his neighbor.

Ambrose Bierce – The Devils Dictionary

People tend to be owned by their opinions. Opinion, position, both so matter of fact, so end of discussion, case closed. … I’m open. There is always more to know, more to learn & consider. I’m okay with “I’ve changed my mind”

“Mr.TramueL where are you going with this?” … I’m glad you asked.

The Baby

I take in a lot from my environment to the point I may over analyze the smallest of details. While I tend to stay away from the above mentioned it’s hard not to focus on relationships, certainly men & women but all relationships; Four Letter Word Beginning With L & Ending in E, Familial, Friendship, Work & Marriage. The women in my life, and by women I mean girlfriends, and by girlfriends I mean girls that are friends. Plutonic. They all seem to be on the same roller coaster ride with the men in their lives. One essential observation is the attempt at control displayed by both parties. That control (or lack of) gives way to power plays and power struggles.

I don’t have a solution, however those struggles can probably be attributed to some mama and daddy issues. I digress. I like to look at things holistically, if you recognize it as control or power you can use your super human power for good not evil. 1 Use power to achieve mutual goals. 2 Tune in to the power of a four letter word beginning with L and ending in E. Recognizing that neither of you want to let up your guard, you should know that defensive posturing prevents real In To Me See.


Be open. Be susceptible to change.

Mr. “No one {Wo}Man should have all that Power” TramueL

The Week of The Observer



I’ve been extremely busy working full time, part time and trying to establish TramueL Consulting {Controlled Emotional Response}  add the stress & shade from starting a new job {the full time position} but that’s not the point. All of that to say sorry I haven’t been commenting & providing my intelligently hedonistic thoughts all up on your page. I’ve even neglected my standard bi-weekly post.

 … any who I felt compelled to share my observations because I’ve been receiving the same message delivered in different formats. I guess that means I should share …




*Shout out to @Scrumptious1 if she ever reads this

Personal Conversation


“I’m not looking” “I’m going to focus on me and mine” “Relationships are too complicated”


Why do we reinvent ourselves when a relationship begins? We buy new drawz, shave {for men beards, for women … never mind} fix our hair, hide relatives sometimes kids Chris Rock quote: “We send our representative” Men lie about resources, women lie about what they want. Science proves it. Class.

Why do we reinvent ourselves when a relationship ends? We eat better, start exercising, buying new things “in with the new, out with the old” right? Eat right. Feel good. Look great. New friend. Complacency. Repeat. The end.

Do As I Say Not As I Do

Do those things while you are in a relationship, encourage each other, support each other. Why won’t you be great together? Hold each other accountable … just a thought.

Mr. “it’s very late & I’ve been at work since 10 a.m. so ignore this weird post” TramueL

Random Thoughts at a Traffic Light

I’m getting the hang of posting from my cell phone via e-mail. The title suggest that I’m texting while driving, however I was safely pulled over at the time of this writing. I mean to have done so would not have been prudent, not at that juncture.

Random Observations  About Nothing & Everything

I thought about a conversation I had with a “Princess” at work the other night, she is a very attractive twenty something who has caught the attention of an older gentleman whom she has no interest. Her words: “Man, he’s about your age!” *Ouch* “He sent me a text at 6ix a.m. … I’ma need him to not be thinking about me that early.” I responded with uncontrollable laughter. Maybe you had to be there.

Small Businesses are suffering during these trying economic times. I could choose which dry-cleaner to drop clothes off, now it seems they’ve all but disappeared. The 2wo near my home, the 1ne near my barbershop. Null.

There seems to be a switch in the number of sustainable relationships among some of my non-love relationships: family, work and friends. Maybe during the summer people don’t wanna be attached? Anywho … I’ve notice that the stages after an initial break up never seem to vary from the script: At first there is the realization,  actual realization, denial and bitterness before they move on. Right now everyone is holding in the actual realization phase. I can’t wait for what unfolds in the bitterness stage! Somebody might come up missing! {Yep. A.W. & C.C. I’m talking ‘bout ya’ll}

I thought about a meeting the other day and the facilitator was yielding a mighty weapon. Im’a need you to know the difference between ask and axe.

Mr.TramueL’s Law: Anything that begins well will end badly.

{Note: The converse of Mr.TramueL’s law is not true}

Live Well,

This has been a TramueL Truism presentation.