October Observation #6

October Observation #6

To Me Language

I take stock in what is off putting for me when conversing with others. Having that awareness keeps me honest about what and how I communicate. Excluding family, close friends, and living souls I Am comfortable around, those people whom I consider family but ain’t blood  — because we are who we are around them.

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small Words BIG Meaning

small Words. BIG Meaning.  

Thank You

You Matter

I’m Sorry

I Appreciate You

I Care

I Admire You

I Love You

You Can Do It

I Need You

I’m Here For You

I Support You

Great Job

I Forgive You

You Are Safe

You’re Welcome

I Admire You

You Can Trust Me

You Are Beautiful

I Was Wrong

I Believe In You

I Understand


Happy Valentine’s Day. Spread Love.

Mr. “Demonstrative in Love” TramueL

Get Like Me.