Detached Observer

Detached Observer

At times I Am an avid listener; I have family, friends and co-workers who call me to complain, often daily, but they are not seeking advice. (Even when they are fortunate enough to have a problem with a clear solution, they will ignore it and continue to complain.) At those times, I realize that they only seek to vent,. they are not seeking a solution nor would they implement one if it presented itself. This is what it sounds like when doves cry. It also sharpens my listening skills as I become a detached observer, allowing them the space to talk it out.

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Doubly Dynamic

A Thought About Happiness & Love

... apply separately or together.

Sometimes we don’t believe we are deserving of happiness & or love. Subconsciously we attempt to block, make excuses for and deny ourselves the opportunity to be great. Don't allow all of the "injustice collecting" you've done over the years to block you from happiness or love. 'Injustice collectors use their powers of mind to conjure up different ways to feel offended, cheated, or otherwise victimized'

Be Great.

A Thought About Complaining & Faith

Sometimes I  complain about my present place of employment and the nature of what I do. GOD is infinitely creative at providing us opportunities as lessons.

Most of my day is spent fielding questions & listening to folk vent & complain about my place of employment and the nature of what I do. Irony.  Today presented an opportunity and a lesson about faith. I spoke with a woman who has experienced every hardship imaginable but told an incredible story of unyielding Faith & how GOD saw her through.

He Said, She Said ...

"A Christian must keep the faith, but not to himself"

~Some Random Dude or Dudette

Mr. TramueL