Detached Observer

Detached Observer

At times I Am an avid listener; I have family, friends and co-workers who call me to complain, often daily, but they are not seeking advice. (Even when they are fortunate enough to have a problem with a clear solution, they will ignore it and continue to complain.) At those times, I realize that they only seek to vent,. they are not seeking a solution nor would they implement one if it presented itself. This is what it sounds like when doves cry. It also sharpens my listening skills as I become a detached observer, allowing them the space to talk it out.

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A Fall from Grace

It always amazes me how folkĀ  hide behind a facade of religion and faith, write one social comment praising God and the very next one raising hell. Before you judge anyone for what you perceive to be "A fall from Grace" ... turn the mirror around and ask yourself; Have I cultivated acceptance and understanding? Have I suspended judgments? Have I learned to compromise? Photobucket

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