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"Hey - If negative things continue to happen to you. Stop asking for prayer and change your own situation. Negative things continue to happen to people who are POOR decision makers. Enhancing the ability to make GREAT decisions automatically improves your outcomes. Stupidity - Let's stop it TODAY!!"


Subliminal Tweet(s), Insider(s) Status Updates

Mr.TramueL’s observation of #SubTweet and {Insiders} Facebook status updates.

I’ve learned and there will be no more social-media beef (recall) for me, whilst I was alone in my room stirring at the wall, in the back of my mind I heard my conscious call … it was about firing subliminal shots on Twitter and Facebook, at least that is what the folk tweeting and updating their status would like to believe.

Subliminal defined:

1. Below the threshold of conscious perception. Used of stimuli.

2. (Psychology) (of stimuli) less than the minimum intensity or duration required to elicit a response

They said: “Mr.TramueL what does the meaning really mean?” I said: “I know right?” “Webster be tripp’n, on some next level subliminal definitions” … it means that the messages are presented in a way that their chance of perception is less than fifty percent.

This is an impromptu post for two reasons (1) Yvette called at 1:20 a.m. to catch up and also to ask if my previous post was in reference to her. I responded “I would never write about someone I thought would ever read it.” Blank Stare. Wink.Wink. *Girl you know it wasn’t about you!* (2) I was going to tweet {because now I’m wide awake & she is now sleep, five minutes later no doubt} a covert tweet that only I & Yvette would know what it meant how hilarious I am, but Yvette isn’t on Twitter and would never see it.

The point.

Of shots fired

You’re so vain, certainly it isn’t always about you – except for the times it is. And those times, both you and the party who sent it knows it is, or you are the party who sent it and knows the person you are referring to knows what your intent is. So it’s not really subliminal but more covert “not openly defined”

Covert tweets & updates make for good jokes to strangers, may garner you twenty thumbs on Facebook, may even be a way for you to get a few things off your chest but it can also hurt the folk you care most about. Social media can be an outlet for you to be your best or a mask for you to be your worse. Drop the mask.

Radiant Silence,

Mr. “I was going to finish one of the twenty post in my draft folder, but got so tickled with myself at 1:30 a.m. that I pen(ed) this instead” TramueL

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