Joy & Sunshine

Literally and Figuratively Literally

Little MrTramueL laughed the whole weekend hearing my family call me by my childhood nickname.

Watching my neices and nephew grow, learn and delight.

My sisters as care givers.

Watching the happiness it brings my mom & dad of having everyone together in the same place.

Increasing from immediate to extended family, cousins, significant others and friends joined us this year.

The sun shining on my face, the sound of the ocean.

The stillness, calm and presence of thought provided by God to recognize all the joy and sunshine in my life.


I may have been the only one to hear the storm last night. A storm cleared the way for joy and sunshine at the beach today.

Storms don't last forever.

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Resist vs. Don’t Resist


Resist: "You got to Love God enough to resist what isn’t of God. Resist means to say something about it. To say No. To stand without compromising yourself, without compromising your integrity. To Love God enough means to be God’s friend, to be like a child. To go to battle as a warrior! Heart battle. Out of love, never out of pride."

Don’t Resist: "To wait and see. To never answer an unwise person, to never try to bring correction on a hurt, tormented, or angry fellow, peer, stranger, co-worker. It means to stay and do your best, even to give your other cheek…ouch! All with the expectation of letting the matter where it is, no where your pride want to go. Guts to be humble and recognize that we all are humans, the Supernatural is God in us…if we let Him."

Always inspiring ...

This post was taken from Peeling the orange's Blog on Wordpress ... one of my new favorites!

Photo Credit: "God-Ego" by Fred Eerdekens