Resist vs. Don’t Resist


Resist: "You got to Love God enough to resist what isn’t of God. Resist means to say something about it. To say No. To stand without compromising yourself, without compromising your integrity. To Love God enough means to be God’s friend, to be like a child. To go to battle as a warrior! Heart battle. Out of love, never out of pride."

Don’t Resist: "To wait and see. To never answer an unwise person, to never try to bring correction on a hurt, tormented, or angry fellow, peer, stranger, co-worker. It means to stay and do your best, even to give your other cheek…ouch! All with the expectation of letting the matter where it is, no where your pride want to go. Guts to be humble and recognize that we all are humans, the Supernatural is God in us…if we let Him."

Always inspiring ...

This post was taken from Peeling the orange's Blog on Wordpress ... one of my new favorites!

Photo Credit: "God-Ego" by Fred Eerdekens

The Most Interesting Man In The World

"I don't always post but when I do I prefer WordPress." - Mr.TramueL™ Photobucket

I started posting to satisfy the voices in my head not to change the world, but what I found were a great group of writers, blogger's and personalities that have influenced me, challenged me or provoked a thought process and for that I'm most appreciative. Shout out to GI, Sunny D., Ms.Nikks ('cause I am nasty), Cyn, C.Black, Mase' & J.Shin.

This week I went back through my post and cleaned them up a bit; added pictures, cleaned up fonts where I could and er'thang. I noticed that there are topics that I enjoy & are a part of my daily life that are missing from here. There are post on my Posterous that are indicative of those passions, but even then only a few. So in my struggle to find the direction of  my space on WordPress  I've decided to do what I've always done, post about life's ironic twist & how they may sometimes startle us. I've also started a Photo blog that will include random photo's about nothing.

This year I will attempt to answer the following questions:

  • How often do you do laundry?
  • Clean the bathroom?
  • Floss your teeth?

Two Zero Dimes first Do As I Say, Not As I Do

  • Reconcile Passion & Intimacy.
  • Don't get carried away by Idealism.
  • Not everything has to be revealed.
  • Keep in touch with reality as well as fantasy.
  • Learn to handle disappointment.

That's my time. I'm at the Public Library 'pose to be studying but I'm talking to the voices in my head.

*Drops Mic. Pours accelerant on stage as I exit. Strikes match. Throws lit match over left shoulder. Stage erupts in flames. Crowd goes wild!*