No Shade

shade_tree_on_the_beach_4069 Literally

I attended a beautiful wedding on Sunday July 4th, 2010 at Bernard's Landing over looking Smith Mountain Lake. The set up was beautiful; imagine a clear field of rolling, green grass, your eyes stop just where the grass meets the sand and right before the cool inviting water. Rows of white chairs in the foreground each with their own very unique guest. A small alter provided sensible elegance. The temperature stayed around 97 degrees and the skies were clear. Did you read that? I wrote 97 degrees, open field, sun bearing down on us. No Shade.


The wedding was for a couple with whom I attended high-school, I wasn’t invited directly but went as a “plus one” for a friend that needed an arm piece *I clean up real nice* The majority of the guest in attendance were former classmates that I haven’t seen in years. Years. There were folk representing four years up and four years down from my graduating class. It has been my experience over the years that when I run into folk from school they seem to hold onto claiming attitudes and memories of yesteryear “Play Acting” … Sunday was rather proud of itself, it recognized that a smug attitude antagonizes those around you.

No Shade.

The conversations were light-hearted and genuine. Ego’s were dropped, expectations were dropped, everyone was relaxed and allowed things to happen. Great food, great atmosphere, great music, great drink … Great time. Congratulations to the happy couple! and thank you for allowing me to share in the celebration of your love and commitment.

Magic Always,

LOVE is a serious mental disease - Plato

Mr. “I'm okay with being Mental” TramueL


Jaded cynical attitudes can be deadening.

I ran into an acquaintance from high-school a few days back. Notice I wrote “acquaintance” … notice I wrote “High-School”.

I’ve been away from high-school for a minute, to give you an idea how long that’s been, my transcript reads “Gender: Male Race: Negro”

{Stepping Away for a Minute}

In school I was reserved, not shy or an introvert but more selective about whom I gave the business to socialize with. I was an average athlete good at most but never excelled. My theory on the self-reliance and independence is associated with growing up in a house that was one of two houses on a block where the only other structure was a church. I believe you are a product of your environment and I am just like the house I grew up in self-sustained and independent.

{Now I’m Back}

Of Mr. Play Actor and others who seem to hold onto their “self-proclaimed” glory days and awareness that all the world is a stage, fully embracing the various opportunities for role-playing. People with low self-esteem are caught in powerful emotional beliefs about themselves. No I didn’t make the varsity basketball team; No I’m not still in a marching band; no I’m not still dating Halle Berry. Man that was years ago. However, Mr.TramueL™ see’s through your mask. These things are all said in an effort to BIG you up. The conversation never progresses past sh*t that we used to do and I keep getting pulled back to the future … Me: “Oh, that’s great man, the little dance group didn’t work out for you? That’s okay cause’ you’re the night manager at McDonald's now huh? That’s good, real good.” People with low self-esteem often look desperately for evidence that they're good. You don’t have to put others down to bring yourself up.

“Welcome to McDonalds may I take your order please?” Yes, I would like for you to have the rewards of self-knowledge.

Do As I Say Not As I Do

☛ Beware of competition and jealousies.

☛ Don’t hold on to your pain.

☛ Drop the mask.