He Said, She Said ... Experts on Life


"How did people with $$ become the experts on how to live or enjoy life? Why are you listening so intently on what they say? The ppl in Hollywood are miserable...without the spotlight/money/make-up...what do they have? If you want advice on contentment, relationships, or love...you'd better dust off that Bible..."

M. Harrell

He Said, She Said ... Relevance

"Depending on others for your relevance is quite sad. Is your personality not worthy to stand alone? Rent a rock. Live under it. :-)"

Brandie R.


He Said, She Said … SHIFT

“ … I’m going to ask you to SHIFT (Seeking His Information For Transformation) ;0) The enemy would want you to focus on what you lost to rob you of the joy of being thankful for another day. In all things give thanks! It’s not option it’s a command. Thanksgiving drives the enemy away because he can’t stand praise. It is a weapon that allows the enemy to back up off you.”

~ Terri B.

He Said, She Said ... Shade(s)

"... I don't see the men bitching about this dude lighter than me and I hate myself for it! I think all of us Black women ought to be locked in a room with a bunch of racist bastards and see if they'll treat any shade better than the other."

~ Ms.Nikks

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He Said, She Said ... A Humble Spirit

"Strategic success is dealing with the real enemy of your purpose the soul (mind, will, intellect and emotions). Just as the strings of an instrument respond to the touch of human fingers so does your body respond to the impressions of your soul. Yes, it really does matter what you feed your soul. A humble spirit wants to change but you will only see results when one desires to change."

- A Facebook Status Update Via T. Brown

He Said, She Said ... Imperfections

Meez "In a perfect world we would live like the 'Cleavers'. Instead because of all the imperfections, I believe it’s seasoned us to be the beautiful, strong, intelligent and at times dysfunctional people that we are!"

~ Michelle Brown