In the (k)now

In 2013 I adopted an idea for better thinking. I created a list of 25 tips to follow, at the least to be more mindful throughout the day. Mindful of spaces, all of the spaces; public, social, personal and intimate.

My favorite tip has been quiet reflection, taking at least ten minutes to sit in a corner to speak with the folks in my head. Add outer to the spaces above, the folks in my head are aliens. I moved from a morning routine to one in the evening. Carpe Noctem. It remains a great way for me to decompress. 

I've used a few guided / unguided meditation apps and have found what works for me; focusing on my breath and sensory inputs. The practice helps me to be in the (k)now; knowing that thinking is a bodily function and relaxing into the right now. In no way Am I a master of zen but for me continuing to develop this habit does have value. I worry less about how other people are and instead worry more about myself.  Also, I Am able to bring myself back into focus when distracted at work performing a monotonous project or task, to the end point where I Am able to think better. 


Mindful of my mindfulness I’m recalling a recent visit to AlphaMale Nail Care (Sheena) in a new location inside of The House of LeMond. Like the previous location she provides manicures and pedicures (men only) in a private and peaceful atmosphere where every detail is tailored to project masculinity; from the paint on the walls to the scented oils and products. Now, the space is shared with a unique men’s boutique specializing in vintage clothing and styling by the owner. It has become a very popular location and during my visit all of the spaces were filled, all of the spaces. 


Sheena makes it less awkward and less uncomfortable for men to receive great nail care; it is easy to just relax into the now. Taking note of the space around me my sensory inputs were on a hundred, million, trillion, zillion. I genuinely believe that chaos itself is an energy form that seeks to break peace. Mindful of my mindfulness I began to appreciate it for the unique opportunity that it was. An opportunity to change my mode of thinking from one of chaos to that of peace.

Saturday Afternoon Sensory Inputs

The strong scent of cane sugar, the mild scent of lavender, the sweet scent of chocolate and the sound of jazz. A pulsating tickle while skilled hands carefully trace my toes, arches, and heels. The chaos begins to fall on deaf feet, lightly submerged.

I remain.