I Voted for the Black Guy

The day after the Municipal Elections I just so happened to need a fresh cut so I made my way to the Barbershop. I anticipated lively interchange on the typical shop talk, on Twitter I give it the hash-tag #barbershopphilosphy. This has reached the top trending spot several times. Politics, Religion, Sports and Sex (not necessarily in that order)

On Religion

The topic centered on churches in the community who are here to serve themselves and those who are here to serve the lord. The conversation also focused on serving the homeless vs creating opportunity for the homeless. But the title of this post is "I voted for the black guy" … let's move on.

On Sex

There was a guy selling Viagra pills for $25 bucks a pop No pun Intended.

On Sports

Yankees in seven. Kobe vs Lebron. The Bobcats & The Panthers. This one's for North Carolina! C'mon and raise up Take your shirt off, twist it 'round yo head Spin it like a helicopter North Carolina go on and raise up!

On Politics

Okay, here is where the conversation got heated. It started with a simple question of "Did you vote?" Who knew three words could spark such a heated debate. For those of you not knowing the local mayoral race saw an African-American, Negro, Black Man (Anthony Foxx) run against a Caucasian, White Man (John Lassiter) The Governor's seat was open due to the decision by Mayor Pat McCrory, a Republican, not to seek re-election. Anthony Foxx, a member of the City Council, won the election by a slim margin, becoming the first Democrat elected to lead the city since Harvey Gantt was re-elected in 1985.

Issues with the Black Community:

The debate was not really about race but it was? Huh?? "I voted for Foxx because he was student council President at West Meck." "I voted because he is a democrat." "I would have voted for him because he's black." These statement were not polled by me nor or these any of my answers. I was just an innocent observer. The one Black Republican questioned them … What was Anthony's platform? What are the issues that concern you?

Issues with the White Community:

The debate was not really about race but it was? Huh?? "Ok-now the Dems ☚ Translation(Blacks)have complete control…No one to blame but themselves from this point on." "Charlotte just screwed up and at a time when the city is going down the tubes."

I can't answer for anyone else and what is important for me may not be as important for anyone else. (But it should cause' I'm right 99.9% of the time) I voted for the black guy not because of race but because of the issues that were important to me. I have no doubt that John Lassiter was capable of running this city, the two were dead even on issues they just had different views on how to achieve them.



A Fall from Grace

It always amazes me how folk  hide behind a facade of religion and faith, write one social comment praising God and the very next one raising hell. Before you judge anyone for what you perceive to be "A fall from Grace" ... turn the mirror around and ask yourself; Have I cultivated acceptance and understanding? Have I suspended judgments? Have I learned to compromise? Photobucket

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The man That Sleeps On the Floor Can Not Fall Out of Bed

Photobucket Don't Disappoint Yourself

One of the most common causes of self-defeat (meaning failure in our career or relationships) is the expectation that others will see us as a disappointment. Maybe our parents saw us this way, or perhaps we experienced our mother or father acting this out in his or her life. Though consciously we want to do well and be successful, an emotional conflict is created by our lingering expectation of being a disappointment. The most painful aspect of this emotional attachment is our own sense of being a disappointment to ourselves. Most people with this emotional challenge do not understand how determined they are, unconsciously, to hold on to the feeling of disappointment.

Seeing Clearly

After watching Hitch for the ump'tinth time 2'day and drawing inspiration from the love doctor. I feel that I should impart my impractical wisdumb upon the Earth cause folks is going through it ~

All day long I've been providing advice and counsel ... I'ont know if "I" was sought out specifically to be a willing conduit into the world of men or if it was because I was the first ninja without a full-time day job they could get a hold of. (But that's not the point, please keep up)

Maddening, exalting, thrilling and frustrating « The promise of "a four letter word beginning with L and ending in E" that's right kids LOVE. I will no longer write this word out as it has caused so much confusion 2'day. Let's call it "a four letter word beginning with L and ending in E" ... anyway what was I saying ¿ Oh yeah a four letter word beginning with L and ending in E continues to drive folk into insanedness (ßrianism) trying to find the perfect partner. Here is something that The Merciless God of Perfection doesn't want you to know » Perfection may not be worth the price, you are only human ... relax.

Ya'll didn't see my tweet 2'day from Twitter  well if you were following MrTramueL on Twitter at http://twitter.com/MrTramueL you would have *Clears Throat for Speech* Mr.TramueL on the reflecting pool ...be careful what you wish for, Physical attraction isn't everything.

Physical vs Chemical in a physical reaction two substances are mixed or ground together without being transformed, meaning both can be recovered from such a mixture in their original state. A chemical reaction, on the other hand, produces an entirely new substance, one that is very different from either of the reactants and does not easily yield the original substances back again. *Science* ... I know, I know you have questions,"Mr.TramueL what are you talking about? I thought we were discussing a four letter word beginning with L and ending in E?" and you are right we are but Mr.TramueL's Law Of  intellectual Obscurity States: What fun is it to be a willing counduit into the world of men if you make yourself easy to understand? (Please stay on your toes) A relationship is more like the resulting compund in a chemical reaction - it is a discrete third entity that is more than just the mixture of the two, a whole new substance.

I'ont feel like writing any more so Imma just hip you with a few points to make your relationship last (do as I say not as I do) that's right Mr.tramueL is a four letter word beginning with L and ending in E enabler.

  • Refuse to allow others to push your buttons. One trick is to grow a whole new set of buttons that can not be easily pushed.
  • Try to distinguish between needs and wants. What you seem to want most is not what you really need, in most cases.
  • Give unconditionally.To give while expecting a return or certain results is the same as paying for something.

P.S. Has anyone seen Cressida? I ain't talking about a Toyota either, Robinne Lee ... she played Cressida Baylor in Hitch. I sure would like to react with her.


Unspoken Communication

"She" said ... we need to communicate more.
Mr.TramueL™ Translation: I need to communicate more? (Rhetorical)

We need to even out highs & lows We need to take time to explain ourselves We need to spend more time 2'gether

... I guess we shouldn't take communication for granted

Who of you by worrying can add a single hour to his own life? (Luke 12:25)

I felt compelled to share my thoughts because this verse has been the topic of much discussion in my life for the past few months. It has touched me in most of my most important relationship categories; love, friendship, family & work.

Amicability & Animosity - Free yourself from unnecessary worry, accentuate the positive, beware of invidous comparisons.

Freedom from Negativity - Resepct differences & don't try to gloss over or eliminate them. Try to emancipate yourself from old scripts.

Women wearing "stomach shirts" with well ... Stomachs

I wish I could take a picture of this (insert explicative here) but the sound from my flash would alert the "Decepticons" of my intent. They need not worry, I have no intentions of super imposing Halle's head on their body. I ain't in the best shape but you won't see me in a speedo thong! To quote Trey Songz "Yo nickas should have clowned you for puttin' that (anotha explicative) on" Seeing it put me on life support ... when her friend walked in with the same ish on it pulled the plug.