Forty One Years To Life ... The Outro

Thank you to everyone that shared, commented, cried, laughed, loved, liked, prayed, shouted, counseled, tweeted, stumbled, posterized, tumbled, facebooked, emailed, plusoned, texted & reshared. It was an amazing display of emotion, value, personality, love, life, passion, ardor, desire, spirit, art, energy, reality, color, family & charm.I appreciate  each and everyone of you.

Magic Always …

Mama & Johnny

“… take nothing for granted, don’t assume anything, and take life one day at a time and let age do the rest.”

N. Wallace


‘Something happened on the way to 30, Weight Watchers called “We have the solution”

“Something happened on the way to 30, The switch in my hips turned into a limp”

“Something happened on the way to 30, The pretty complexion became mole central (Party up in here! Moles stay #winning!)”

“Something happened on the way to 30, Afternoons spent thinking “Did I take my medication?”

“Something happened on the way to 40,I finally stopped caring about my age…”

BlaQ Daisy

Dear Yvette

“And everything you have can be stripped from you in the blink of an eye. So my new stance on life is this: LIVE, LOVE, LAUGH, and make yourself happy, regardless of your age. Man up or put on your big girl panties (whichever applies) and live with NO more regrets. 40 is my new 30.”

A. Waters

L. Delli-Santi

“What is really important, and often overlooked in the grand scheme, is that your past and the obstacles that were hurdled will always be a beautiful part of you.”

L. Delli Santi

D. Dorce

“As i reach another year i can only feel closer to achieving those goals, that aspect in my life of fulfillment, of achieving, of finally resting on that i am who i was meant to be and more, and able to share that with someone special.”

D. Dorce

Young Cyn'

“The older I get, the more I realize that there will come a point where I… we.. will age no more. But we can still live on.”



“I allowed myself to remember that there’s so much in-between birth and death. So much living to be done and I got back to the place I was before turning 25.”



“I love getting my hair wet in the rain, singing love songs and not worrying about being perfect. I’m excited about thirty because I’m going in as a woman who loves works and plays hard. You are always more blessed and beautiful than you think you are.”

T. Ng


“I had a great life in the past. I enjoyed my early youth (hey, I think I am still in my youth)! But in order to truly gain and appreciate the gifts of age, you have to embrace it. And with that, I EMBRACE MY AGE.”

Willie Stylez

W. Tisdale

“Now at 41, I think Tina Turner and Sidney Poitier are awesome. I used to think if I earned $50,000 I’d be rich as hell, then I reached that milestone and the folks at Discover Card wouldn’t leave me alone.”

W. Tisdale

J. Francis

“Now with age I see purpose, legacy, meaning in movement. What do I stand for? The truest values of life now run through my head as I navigate the current storm of change that is this nation.”

J. Francis

Citizen Ojo (2)

“The college years were the beginning of adulthood. It was a time of reinvention and self exploration. I was coming into my own and was figuring out who I really was.”

Citizen Ojo


“As I looked back at my past year I was amazed at my growth and how far I’d come. Slowly I was able to find my place in the world as an adult. I could stand on my own two feet and with that I found my strength.”


Inspired Enigma

“Aging is inevitable and I’m a work in progress. Some days a masterpiece; other days a disaster.”



“My advice: Don’t trip over age; just remember those who you’ve lost that never got a chance to live to see that day in their lives.”

S. Salter


“…whether it’s late nights or early mornings, my time is my own, and I’m cherishing every minute of it.”



So now it is time that you start looking at your aging as a wonderful thing. Enjoy the things that you can still do and be happy that you can no longer do the things you once did. Know that there is truly a reason for that. It’s time for you to love who you are and love GOD for creating you.



These days I spend more time thinking about relationships.  I refuse to be a hurt person who hurts other people.  So I love hard.  I nurture all of my relationships and when I'm not treated how I want to be treated I don't linger...I just let go.

Y. Spinks

C. Black

“Planning is only effective if action immediately follows. The best way to live is to embrace every moment and use and enjoy each one. There is not a rewind button.”

C. Black


“The tugging in my body & soul over this past year wasn’t the anxiety of turning another year older, it wasn’t the thought of any failures or regrets, it wasn’t about not being where I believe I should be but it IS about needing to make an impact, knowing that my existence matters.”

B. TramueL

R. Boyd

“Every day you wake is a new day with new possibilities. If you are out of shape then it is time to hit the gym become a physically fit middle aged, body beautiful, temptation to your spouse or intended. A new mercy from God opens the door for better second half of your life.”

R. Boyd


“There’s an allure to complete important unfinished business that at one time drove your daydreams and goals for they have not perished but simply waited for the right time.”


41 Years To Life
41 Years To Life

He Said, She Said ... Shade(s)

"... I don't see the men bitching about this dude lighter than me and I hate myself for it! I think all of us Black women ought to be locked in a room with a bunch of racist bastards and see if they'll treat any shade better than the other."

~ Ms.Nikks

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Beautiful Blogger Award

award_beautiful So my Blog is approaching the (1)ne year mark and rather than cheer for the Team of Me I decided to  spread some E-Love with my Fav Five Fab Women in the whole world, that’s right the whole world. I would like to thank each of them for being my willing conduit into the world of women. I wanted to do things a little different because I am me and I am nothing short of amazing, however, this isn’t about me it’s about them. They have shared emotional experiences, lend credence to normalcy and engulfed the blogosphere in flames. I’m gonna step back and allow them to introduce themselves.

Goddess Intellect

“My name is Goddess Intellect I am a blogger, freelance writer and lifestyle guru (in training) from the city of Toronto.”

“Writing and sharing gives me a podium to bellow from that  I rarely get to stand on in my offline life. After over a year of blogging I’ve connected with so many amazing individuals with interesting stories to tell and lots of valuable knowledge to share. They encourage me to tell my own story, and bring my all to the table while learning to be a better me. Every time I write I feel a weight taken off my shoulders, words are my healing. The responses from my readers sadly enough, really make or break my day. With that said I enjoy the community aspect of blogging and am constantly striving to expand my online network through vlogging, Facebook, attending blogging conferences, guest blogging and now through Blogtalk radio.”

Miz Represent

Read Miz’s words here ☛ Beautiful Blogger Award

… and this is why she’s hot (in her own words)

Why I write, share, blog? ”I have been writing for as long as i can remember. Being a lover a books it just came natural to write out my feelings. First I wrote poems, then journaled, later moving into writing fiction. I started this blog with initial concept of journaling my experiences with becoming a small publisher. Soon, i started to talk about my life, one is not separate from the other, because no matter what you are trying to do, you will continue to experience life, and in that respect there will be many ups and downs.”

”Blogging has allowed me the freedom to express myself for the most part freely. My experience has overwhelmingly been positive, but along the way there were some instances that caused me to at time censure my thoughts and feelings. Why do i blog? Well, it's really quite simple, because i like reaching out to people. I like sharing ideas, discussing life, comparing experiences and eventually learning that we are not really that different from one another, in fact we are more alike than we like to admit. Well, that's it for me. So tell me FAM, why do you blog, or why do you read blogs?”

SunnyDelyte Spoken Words & Thoughts

“A Lil About SunnyD:”

“Born and raised in Trenton, NJ. I was introduced to blogging by my big sis. She thought it would be a great way to vent some of the things in my head. After a couple of people commented, I realized that I wasn’t the only person who thought like me. (Meaning I wasn’t the only shot out person in the group..LOL) “

“Writing as always been my things since high school. That’s when I met Spoken Word (Poetry)… I wrote my anger out and it help the anger leave me. Writing VS Fighting…would do me good…because I was so self- destructive during that time. Writing help me control my anger issue and get to know me. Ever since then, writing and I have been in a long term relationship now. I can see us parting ways.”

“Sharing my words helps me get feedback and advice on how to handle the different situations in my life. I’m always looking for someone wise to share their wisdom. After all there’s nothing new under the sun, right? Keeping it real is the only way I know to keep being me…Sunny D.”


Read Ms.Nikks’ words here ☛ Beautiful Blogger Award

(7)even reasons she Blogs …

  1. This is my outlet to get all the crazy out!  Trust me, I’m plenty crazy.
  2. I’ve been tempted many times to erase the whole thing, but my blog fam inspires me on a daily.
  3. I enjoy the feedback, various points of views, and openness that comes with/from the comments I receive.
  4. I want world dominatio peace, lol no I want to inspire women and men to be the best them!
  5. I do this to help better relationships between parents and children, friends, lovers, races, etc.
  6. My friends won’t let me quit.  I do have a goodbye blog saved in draft.
  7. I’m outspoken and I take no shit from anyone, sometimes I forget to say the things I want in the moment of a heated, Katrina-esque fury, so I take it to the blogs.


“When I first started it was just a hobby. I wanted to express my thoughts on Alicia Keys/Mashonda and that's where it began. Then I began to enjoy what I was saying and doing, it began to mean something to me. As a songwriter, I always knew how to capture what others were feeling through music but blogging was totally different from what I was accustomed to. I had to start capturing my feelings towards certain topics. And that for me was exciting. Blogging has allowed me to let down certain walls that I had built. It allowed me to have a voice in my community. It honestly has helped me to learn that there is more to Je'Tara than I even knew was there.”

“The reason why I keep blogging is because people need honesty. I don't have all the answers to certain situations but I do have my opinions. I don't like things to be sugar coated. On my blog whether you are a celebrity or regular person if you do something that I feel needs to be touched on, I will do so honestly. Some topics I touch on are personal but many people may have dealt with them. If I can make someone say, "Yeah I get what Je'Tara was trying to say or I never thought about it like that" then I have done my job. I honestly have began to love this. I don't plan on stopping anytime soon either.”

“I want to be able to continue to captivate my audience. I also have a special spot for black women. I want them to know how special they are. I need them to know that they matter in the world and that through my blog their voices will be heard. I want them to know that I love them enough to give them post that uplift them. I also want to tell them the things we need to change and work on, to make us better women. “

”I am enjoying the doors that are being opened up to me. Through blogging, I have met some wonderful people and made some beautiful relationships with bloggers who have a common goal as I do. This blog has helped me to begin to brand Je'Tara. I have new sites in the works and it all started with Je'Tara Speaks. I have only been up since the end of December and I am grateful for the love I am receiving from fellow bloggers. I am loving the feedback I get from readers. So it started as a hobby and turned into something great. It turned into an outlet for me and a way to express my feelings. I hope that I can keep blogging in the future and that my post inspire people in some way. Thank you Mr. Tramuel for giving me the opportunity to share my story!”

There they are! Thank you ladies!