He Said, She Said … SHIFT

“ … I’m going to ask you to SHIFT (Seeking His Information For Transformation) ;0) The enemy would want you to focus on what you lost to rob you of the joy of being thankful for another day. In all things give thanks! It’s not option it’s a command. Thanksgiving drives the enemy away because he can’t stand praise. It is a weapon that allows the enemy to back up off you.”

~ Terri B.

Sunday April Twenty Five Two Thousand Ten


So I had and awsomely' amazing time in church Sunday, the Spirit was amazing! The pastor didn't preach, we prayed, cried, sang & praised.

I thanked Him for a wonderful service with my Father.

So I had a wonderful time swimming with Lil’ Mr.TramueL at the YMCA, we laughed, talked & had a great time!

I thanked Him for amazing time with my Son.

So I came home and prepared a great meal, still basking in the glory of a wonderful day, the best I've felt in awhile.

I thanked Him for the meal & an incredible day.

So I leave the house to take Lil’ Mr.TramueL home and Boom! I run into the back of a car. 'I honestly don't know what happened. I wasn't talking or texting, wasn't distracted by anything, I was only 2 minutes from the house.

I thanked Him that no one was hurt.

Wasn’t sure what GOD wanted me to know at the time.

I thanked Him in advance for the lesson.

Clearly I now know. The lesson is to praise GOD at all times.