Monday Night Sensory Inputs

Monday Night Sensory Inputs

Cauliflower Tacos w/ Strawberry Mango Salsa, I taste them.

Peony, apricot, orange and bergamot, I smell her. 

House is still; no music, no tv, no kids laughing (or complaining), I hear the silence.

Eyes closed, I see The Future; the physical environment, who will be there, the sights and sounds. I see you. 

Feels like weight has been lifted; my arms, legs, back, chest, stomach... You feel me?

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Fly Woman Get Em'

Saturday Morning Sensory Inputs

Sexiness behind a short sleeveless gown, I see you. 

Lavender fused with sweet, creamy vanilla early morning kiss(es), I taste you.

A hand on leg, a foot touching a foot, I feel you.

You feel me?

"Honey can you push the air up?", her voice is like melted caramel, I hear you.

A forehead kiss... Baby ButterCreme, I smell you.

The love she exudes is amazing, I just yell "Fly Woman Get Em'"


I Am




Wednesday Night Mindmovie

Future Pacing 

A process of mental rehearsal in preparation for some challenging experience; it involves creating a mind movie (that is, visual, kinesthetic, and auditory fantasy) and making the imaginary experience conform to your plan. This creates the sense of having already been through the experience when it occurs and reinforces your confidence in the outcome. 

Tonight, I see myself in The Future. 


I Am 

Friday Night Sensory Inputs


NBA on ESPN, players playing 

A gust of wind pushes through, wind chimes chiming 

Coconut oil fills the air, The Future moving closer 

Black, leather iphone case adds weight & comfort [rotates to landscape] 

Last bite of Break Fast for dinner; tomato, cheese & egg [white] on wheat.

No antipathies.