Pretty Fly For A Wi-Fi

Pretty Fly For A Wi-Fi

Last year I was pretty upset with the customer service I received from Verizon Wireless and threatened to cancel my service, well they took my threat literally and did it for me. I couldn't even be mad, I was pretty vocal about my disapproval. This led to a three month period between carriers, my intent was to reopen the account with Verizon but made an interesting discovery while I was without service.  

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My Point of View

Last week I tweeted "Y'all still use Blackberry or nah?" in response to an advertisement for Blackberry Ten. Truly, I wasn't throwing shade ... I'm too Summer. A non follower and I exchanged a few pleasantries after which I explained I wasn't trying to clown her Blackberry usage. It reminded me of a tweetversation two years ago with a friend on Twitter, this is someone whom I know personally not just an avatar from a digital list.


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The Terrifying Acceleration of Interpersonal Communications Will Uglify All Hope for Human Psyche IV

meezAnimatedBodyshot300x400meezAnimatedBodyshot300x400(1) Conversations via Technology VS Conversations via Phone

♬ People don’t talk no more ♫ all they do is this ♪ all they do is this …

Textersations, e-mails, blog posts and social media sites are the new Moto M900’s.

I know smart people and they will argue that a phone could be considered technology. Sit ya’ll smart asses down. Ya’ll make me cuss. Please ASSume that I’m referring to traditional vs written.

Conversations are interactive, extemporaneous exchanges of thoughts and feelings between folk(s). Mr.TramueL is neither a proponent or opponent for either; the pros can be cons, cons can be pros. Science is true, don’t be misled by facts.


Multiplicity of conversation(s): Emailing your co-worker, on g-chat with your boo, texting your ex, messenger with your sweetie, Tweet’s about the cold sore on your lip, photo’s on Facebook of your freshly painted toe(s). Ya’ll already know how I feel about feet. Ladies, inbox me!

Spontaneous: With respect to Twitter, Facebook, BBM & now LiveProfile, depending on the number of friends or followers your conversational partners are endless. Smashing random folk through tech is a lot safer than smashing random folk in real life. Tech responsibly my friends.

Rules: Don’t apply. They are contextual, they apply in certain situations and not in others. I’m … my age isn’t important, but I won’t curse in front of my mom but I can text the F word while she is sitting right next to me.


Protect Privacy: Mr.TramueL has recently become green, while trying to save some green I’ve become a frequent rider of CATS, no not that! Ya’ll are so nasty! Charlotte Area Transit Authority & nothing is more important than the ability to move a conversation to a private area. I mean not everyone needs to know the result of your stool sample.

Structure: A beginning, middle and an end. Have you ever had a conversation on a Social Media site were you respond and eagerly await a reply to your rather witty response? How did that make you feel? Sad, I know. No words hurt, abrupt departures can hurt. While using the phone, unless you are using an iPhone on A T & T-Mobile & your call is dropped, there is usually a formal close to spare your fragile ego.

Engagement: You can not detect mood, tone or inflection through technology.Voicetime allows you to demonstrate understanding. It also allows you to maintain coherence. You know what I’m talking about, we all have that friend that rambles on with messages all over the place while texting, communication should be relevant to the previous message. If you don’t know what I’m talking about, that friend is you.

What ya’ll got? Any pros or cons to Teching VS Calling?

Mr. “These are my fingers, this is my phone … I use these for pleasure, I use this for fun” TramueL

Oh! Introducing my new closing, shout out to September ‘cause I stole it from her …

I love Blogging you!


The Terrifying Acceleration of Interpersonal Communications Will Uglify All Hope for Human Psyche III

shapeimage_4 I had to break away for a minute, my last four or five post have been all emo and I’m a man. That’s right “ladies look at your man, now back at me, sadly he is not me” … I will now return to burping, passing gas, scratching, lying and drinking beer.


Self Proclaimed “… the most powerful bittorrent app on earth”

From Vuze: “Vuze is the most powerful bittorrent software application to Find, Download, and Play HD video content on the Web. With the latest release, you get powerful new search capabilities, along with the ability to play your HD videos on PC, Mac, iPhone, iPod, Apple TV, Xbox 360, PS3, PSP, and Tivo. Our award-winning P2P bittorrent technology enables users to quickly and easily download HD video with a single click.”

The player is incredible with lightning fast downloads … if you choose to download copyrighted material be sure to use “neighbornet” just in case they track your ip address.



Quite simple this is show and tell visual messaging.

From Pixtell: “Pixetell is all-in-one video messaging and collaboration software that lets you quickly add voice, screen recordings, webcam, and video to email or electronic documents. Video messages are shared through secure private delivery or exported to social media platforms such as YouTube and Facebook with the click of a button.”



I’ve already proclaimed my undying love for Windows Live Writer and you already know I started Blogging using Posterous. I haven’t let it go and use it primarily for quick post about nothing but yet everything. By default Windows Live writer doesn't allow publishing directly to, however, using the writerous plugin you can enable this feature. It’s already dead simple to use posterous, but this allows you to step your game up. Addicted to Posterous? Here you go.


Microsoft Outlook {Social Media} Plugins


You already use Outlook to manage your contacts, calendar, and e-mail. Twinbox is a free plug-in that adds a Twitter toolbar in Outlook. A click of the toolbar is all it takes to send out your own update, send a direct message, reply to a message, or (re)tweet something. Twinbox cleverly auto-shortens long URLs via TinyURL, it also shows you a preview of new tweets as they arrive, which saves you having to switch to the tweets folder every time you want to check for updates.


Outlook Social Connector

“Click on a contact’s name to see email and attachments he or she has sent you, meetings you have attended together, and their activities in social networks. You can also send this contact a request to become your connection in popular social networks.”

Social Connector

Harm None,

Mr. “The only person to ever ace a Rorschach Test” TramueL